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Brittany Farmer

My name is Brittany Clair Farmer and I am an Energy Worker and Preschool Consultant.
My recorded training began in 2007 at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Here I was able to develop my energetic awareness through meditation, practice and study. This experience helped me get in touch with my inner knowing, leading me along a path of self-discovery.
I have been primarily influenced by three modalities of healing that affect the Soul, Body and Mind. Respectively these are Qi Gong (Chee Gong) ancient Chinese Energy Practice, Clairvoyant Healing/ Meditation, and L.I.G.H.T. Work/Affirmations.
The Energetic Healing Process is initiated by vibration. We all have our own unique vibration and we can only come into contact with others who are in resonance with this vibration. My personal vibration is high, clear and seeks to create harmony. I can feel energetically, physically and emotionally when there is a blockage in ones body, mind, energetic field or physical environment.
A Healing or clearing of a blockage comes first from the one experiencing it. They ask for a Healing by attracting an experience that will facilitate their process. I am someone who is attracted to those seeking clarity, confirmation and awakening of consciousness because I am that too. I have opened my channels and can now assisst others in their process. This is a great honor.
To receive a Healing one must know that nobody is healing them, the power is within themself and is being reflected or channeled through another body. One must be open to new experiences, new patterns of thinking and new ways of being. One must be in coherence with the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving.
My time in this life is very precious and I spend it lovingly with those I have chosen. This is reflected in a sliding FEE (Fair Energetic Exchange) for my time: $40-$60/hour
Half Hour and Hour sessions available.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: the Spirit in Me Honors the Spirit in You

Profile Summary:
Energy Worker / Consultant Kailua Kona, HI
Preschool/Daycare/Homeschool Educator Kailua Kona, HI
Preschool / Daycare / Homeschool Educator Kailua Kona, HI
More About Me
I enjoy spending time with loved ones making food, surfing, camping, dancing, playing with the little ones in the yard or at the beach. For myself, I practice Zen meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong, read interesting non-fiction books and get out to meet new people in our community. I'm looking forward to belly dancing classes too!!!
Work Experience:
Aug 2007-May 2011 Creator, Director and Lead Teacher, Stepping Stones Home School
Supervisor: Cara Farr, 808.640.2616
Phone: 808.557.1011
Address: 74-4966 Mamalahoa Hwy, Holualoa, HI 96725
Pay: $35/hour
? As Creator it was my responsibility to be creative, develop the program, make contacts, design and create classroom, order supplies, communicate with all involved, and continue to make improvements on all levels.
? As Director I was responsible for receiving communication from families, staff, students and community then making decisions regarding the issues. I would keep things flowing, directing energy where it was needed and holding a safe, welcoming presence for all those involved with the school.
? As an Assistant Teacher (Aug 07-Jan 09) I was responsible for all of the cleaning, snack prep, story reading, student assistance with jobs and most importantly learning from the Lead Teacher how to run a class.
? As Lead Teacher (Jan 09-May 11) I was responsible for setting the tone, creating and maintaining the classroom environment, leading circles/songs, choosing jobs, giving lessons, giving students the space and words for conflict resolution, communicating with parents regarding the development of their child, being available to parents for questions and concerns, working cooperatively with parents to make the best educational environment. Teach parenting classes on topics relevant to the group, i.e. Happy Healthy Drop Off and Pick Up, Energetics of the body, Aromatherapy, Rhythms and Routine, Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Importance of Tantrums, etc.
? Being respectful is the most important responsibility I have in any employment position and in my life. Respecting myself and all people including the staff, parents and most importantly the students. All of my actions are lead with love and respect.

April 2004-Present Substitute Teacher, Dept of Education (DOE)
Supervisor: Jeanette Ma, 808.586.3267
Fall 1998-Spring 2002 BA in Psychology, University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, HI.
Awarded Academic Tuition Waivers, Dean List and Honors all four years,(1998-2002). August 25, 2000 Therapeutic Aide and Basic Autism Certification.
Fall 2005-Spring 2009 Med 101, 102, Healing 101 and many workshops, Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii.
February 2010 Lifeguard Training and First Aid, valid for three years.
February 2011 Infant, Child, Adult First Aid and CPR Certification.
Organizations / Affilations:
Aloha Therapy in Kailua-Kona
Brittany Farmer is located in Kailua Kona, HI and has the following skills: Energy Worker / Consultant, Preschool/Daycare/Homeschool Educator, Preschool / Daycare / Homeschool Educator
Childcare, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Energy Worker / Consultant

Category: Health / Fitness
Energetic healing of mind, body and spirit via three modalities:
LIGHT (Loving Inquiry Gaining Harmonious Thought) Work Counselling
Movement and Breathe Work based on Yoga and Qi Gong Practice
Clairvoyant Healing Session clearing energy channels, centers and auric field with option to receive messages
Relevant Education / Credentials
2001 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, UH Hilo 2003 Substitute Teacher, DOE Hawaii 2007-Present Clairvoyant Meditation 101,102 Healing 101, Numerous workshops and seminars, Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii 2011 Aulele (Angelic) Workshop with Alicia Tucker in Keauhou, HI 2011 Qi Gong intensive training and retreat with Martha Blane in Kealakekua, HI
Years Experience: 5

Preschool/Daycare/Homeschool Educator

Category: Childcare
Meeting with Parents and Caregivers to develop an educational environment, rhythm and curriculum for their children.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Co Creator and Director of Stepping Stones Homeschool in Holualoa, HI Assistant Teacher, SSHS Lead Teacher, SSHS
Years Experience: 1

Preschool / Daycare / Homeschool Educator

Category: Childcare
Meeting with Parents and Caregivers to develop an educational environment, rhythm and curriculum for their children.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Co Creator and Director of Stepping Stones Homeschool in Holualoa, HI Assistant Teacher, SSHS Lead Teacher, SSHS
Years Experience: 12