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I have 20 years of experience with Energy Conservation skills in Mercersburg, PA.
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Energy Conservation Mercersburg, PA
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Energy Conservation

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WHAT DO WE DO?Green Automation and Energy Conservation.Jeannie Smart Systems uses the latest green technologies and uses these elements to produce cost effective energy conservation solutions at several levels to meet each clients requirements.By providing different levels, we make it easy for all people to be a part of the movement to be green.Being green saves, your health,your money,and the planet.We make it easy to be green without changing your lifestyle.How do we do that?We use motion detection devices in your home to detect movement.By detecting movement we can effectively use this data to turn devices on or off,dim to a specific light level,adjust to a specific voltage by phase control,adjust to a specific temperature,adjust to a specific water level or pressure.If a area has no motion for more than a hour it can be called unoccupied.An unoccupied space needs little if any lighting.An unoccupied space needs less cooling and heating.While you are sleeping you are not using hot water,cut it back 20 degrees.While you are sleeping cut back your thermostat in the winter 3 degrees and turn it up 3 degrees in the summer to cut costs.If no one is in the home for more than 2 hours the home cuts the heat back 9 degrees in the winter and up 9 degrees in the summer.Indoor lighting costs can be reduced by using led bulbs,led floodlights,led fluorescent replacement tubes or fluorescent dimmable ballast.A critical element that is overlooked is the power entering your home.Your local power company usually does not supply clean power all the time.To correct this problem,POWER FACTOR CORRECTION,is necessary.This step alone will reduce your power consumption by 20-50%.Our Advanced systems use PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS to MAXIMIZE RESULTS.
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