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My passion was always cooking until I took a job as a tele-marketer for a mortgage company as a change of pace. I soon learned I had people skills and wanted to redefine the world of sales. I put cooking on the back burner as more of a fallback. My goal is to put my sales skills to good use and work for myself as a broker. Eventually I would like to own a catering company and sell myself and services.

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Electronic cigarette sales Liverpool, NY
Culinary Arts Liverpool, NY
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Electronic cigarette sales

Category: Marketing / Sales
I have sold everything from tools to watches to cell phones to health products. I love selling and helping people through satisfactory transactions! I am currently operating my new business selling the electronic cigarette.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Work experience
Years Experience: 7

Culinary Arts

Category: Cooking / Culinary
I can cook food from all continents in any atmosphere. My best work is done while catering.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Florida Culinary Institute
Years Experience: 11