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I have 40 years of experience with Electrical Services skills in Mansfield, OH.
My education and credentials include Licensed Electrical Contractor by the State of Ohio #27175.

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Electrical Services Mansfield, OH
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Electrical Services

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Electrical & Safety Inspections – Residential, Commercial & Industrial

SPGS provides electrical services which address personnel safety, building protection and equipment protection for any and all residential, commercial, industrial, medical, educational, communication, data, and governmental facilities etc. electrical grids. Electrical grids include the Utility supplied electrical grid, CATV electrical grid, Telecommunication electrical grid, Coaxial Cable electrical grid, and all Grounding Electrode electrical grids.
Our holistic approach to electrical services assures: shock hazard free facility, effective building protection, effective electrical equipment and equipment reliability. The benefits are improved personnel safety, electrical equipment life cycles are maximized, equipment failures are drastically reduced or eliminated, and a reduced operating cost from accepted ongoing typical electrical equipment failures. Our report will document, list and analyze every component in all of your building electrical grids.
Our electrical services are most economical at the planning stages of any new building, structure or installation of electronic equipment. We can engineer a retrofit for an existing location to optimize the electrical grids in your home or business.
Electrical services offered are: GroundingPlus® Services, ArcFlashPlus© Services, Thermographic Imaging, Grounding Alterations, Training, Workshops, Environmental Monitoring, Project Management, Consulting, Design Engineering, Soil Resistivity Testing, & Short Circuit Analysis.
Protect your electrical equipment and eliminate your electrical risk today call SPGS, Inc. and schedule an electrical safety inspection of the electrical grids in your home, facility or new building. We can upgrade your electrical system to ensure the safety of your family or employees.
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Licensed Electrical Contractor by the State of
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed Electrical Contractor by the State of Ohio #27175
Years Experience: 40