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HEY MY NAME IS DREXEL im 16, thanx 4 stopping at my page, leave a comment,message,or add me if u want either way i dont give fuck wat fuck you do just do something lol. i enjoy meeting new ppl and playing guitar and talking on the phone , and i dont play video games nor watch yea im pretty fuckin different.. im black ok,im not mixed,imma straight up nigga, and my nickname is creep and call me creep, and im not a fucking oreo so im not white in the inside and black on the outside and whoever the fuck says that is about a dumbass going 1 miles an hour in the care and turning their fucking signal on at the last fucking minute without letting your ass know thats they were, and yes i listen to heavy metal, lol love it, its way better than hip hop today that u hear on the radio such as soulja bitch,lil wayne, and all them other stupid muthafuckas that dont know how to rap 4 shit even though most muthafuckas love that shit today.. but back into the bullshit. now for all the niggaz that got a problem with me listening to metal...just go ahead and blow it out ur ass cuz im not a fake ass person its the music i enjoy...and i don't like fake ass ppl. my friends and i are getting band started getting a fucking band started and we already wrote riffs and lyrics....all we need is a bass player!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody interested plz leave a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are gonna be the next metallica,pantera,motorhead,guns n'roses,led zeppelin, and etc.... but thanx 4 stopping by and ppl who are bored just text me or call me on my cell 414-732-9389 and if anybody is intered in playing bass in our band just call that number.......peace stay strong pplz!!!!!!!

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Electric/Acoustic/Rhythm Guitarist Milwaukee, WI
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girls,music,books,songwriting, and poetry
Thrash Metal Bass Player (experienced for at least a year)
Thrash Metal Drummer
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Landscaping and Lawn Care
Highschool Education
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drexel roberts is located in Milwaukee, WI and has the following skills: Electric/Acoustic/Rhythm Guitarist
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Electric/Acoustic/Rhythm Guitarist

Category: Music
I am a self taught guitarist and i love to try different style on guitar.
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Self-Taught Guitarist
Years Experience: 1