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Aymeé D. Rodriguez, M. Msc. is the Founder and President of The Halcyon Center for Personal Development.

She has dedicated the greater part of her life to Self-Awareness and Personal Growth through both formal and Self-Study.

She is an EFT™ (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science (Ontological Branch of Philosophy). She attended The Norwegian School of Business (BI) in Oslo Norway, where she undertook studies in International Finance and is currently working on her Doctoral Dissertation on Metaphysical Science.

A champion Idealist, she believes that the best and surest way to success is through helping others succeed.
"As a child I was taught that there are absolutely NO LIMITS to what anyone can accomplish. I was also taught that the empirical world is one of illusion that WE create.
I truly believe we are all living in a dreamlike state, and therefore must look beyond what we perceive with our senses in order to understand what is truly going on.

As student of life, I am constantly working on improving myself as a human being and am passionate about my belief in sharing what I have learned with others. Out of that passion, The Halcyon Center for Personal Development was born. "

Inner Solutions to Outer Problems” ®. Is Halcyon’s signature course line which is to be pre-Launched at the beginning of July.

Every single one of our courses center around teaching clients 100% responsibility for their own lives and healing. We therefore make it clear that they have within them everything that they need in order to be fully successful in life.

Each one of our courses are based upon the integration of Metaphysical principles, Science and Psychology. These have specifically been designed to help clients dissolve all issues and blocks to success.

Aymee is the author of numerous programs, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Healer. She runs her Personal practice out of Bonita S

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EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques-Counselor Manassas, VA
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EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques-Counselor

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Emotional Freedom Tecnniques or EFT is a EFT is a simple tapping procedure, that combines the proven age old principles of acupuncture and cutting edge Modern Change Technology (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The EFT procedure gently realigns the body’s energy system and addresses unresolved emotional issues as the likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction and personal performance limits.
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