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I have 38 years of experience with Educational Consultant/Tutor/Author/Teacher skills in San Diego, CA.
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Educational Consultant/Tutor/Author/Teacher San Diego, CA
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Educational Consultant/Tutor/Author/Teacher

Category: Education
In medicine, a general practice physician has a wealth of knowledge about many different ailments. In education, a practiced, experienced educator has a wealth of knowledge about many different learning styles.
Why not tap into that wealth of knowledge when it can help you or your employees succeed in writing and editing? Whether it be cover letters, resumes, research papers, essays, themes, dissertations, ghost writing, advertising, or marketing content, give the Doctor a call. OR:
No child should be left behind in a large, impersonal, one-size-fits-all classroom. So many of our students NEED one-on-one, personal instruction, or what is commonly known as tutoring.
When your child is ill, you want a credentialed, trustworthy, caring doctor to address his or her needs. Shouldn’t we look at our children’s learning needs in the same way?
ü Choose a professional educator with years of research into what works best for each child’s specific learning style.
ü Choose a teacher with two doctorates and two master’s degrees and a track record of success.
ü Choose a published author with versatile skills and flexibility.
ü Choose a Doctor in Education to help you or your child diagnose the situation and help in any subject.
ü Allow a Doctor in Education to make a home visit and bring his practice to you and your child: Grades 6 through and beyond the college years!
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Years Experience: 38