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Editing and Creating Acting Reels

Category: Video
Are you an actor? You NEED a reel. Due to technology, the acting reel has turned the acting resume into no more then a piece of paper. Reels are the key to getting your talents out there in the hands of the right people. And I'm here to do it for cheap.

Some of the tools I use to make reels are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design smooth, elaborate menus. Final Cut Pro and Motion for any additional editing or movement. And of course DVD Studio Pro, to compile your reel into a professional quality DVD. Below are some of my packages.

Simple Reel (No flashy artwork, simple DVD menu template, no complete edit*)
-$75 for 1 - 3 pieces.
-$15 for each additional piece.
-$5 dollars per DVD duplicate.
Advanced Reel (Elaborate menus, complete edit)
-$100 for 1 - 2 pieces.
-$125 for 3 - 5 pieces.
-$25 for each additional piece.
-$5 dollars per DVD duplicate.
(*A complete edit is a montage, or continuous sequence of your compiled pieces which can either be selected by the viewer via the DVD menu, or presented as an introduction before your main DVD menu.)

Please call me at 516-361-9120 or email me at I very much look forward to working with you and helping progress your career.


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