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I have been in Sales and Marketing for 10 years now. The past 5 years I have enjoyed helping people make money on Ebay and Craigslist. You can sell practically anything on-line big or small, old or new, you never know who will want it. It's fun and addicting. My family saw I was making money selling anything and everything I could part with, stuff around the house no one uses or plays with anymore, old stuff in the attic that just sits in boxes. Family and friends started bringing me their stuff to sell for them. I began teaching them how to do it for them self and now they help their friends and family :)

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Ebay/Craigslist - Consultant and Trainer Sacramento, CA
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Ebay/Craigslist - Consultant and Trainer

Category: Marketing / Sales
You will learn how to sell your unwanted items and make money on Ebay and Craigslist in 1 appointment. You will post your items and learn the steps to complete the transaction from beginning to end. Don't know what it's worth? I will teach you the easy steps to finding out what your item is worth to maximize your earning potential. Do you have a store and want to post your goods for sale online to gain sales worldwide? I will teach you how to manage your accounts, inventory, pictures, merchandise, effective problem solving and so much more. Already have accounts set up for Ebay and Craigslist and need help or have some questions, call.
Class- $75
Consulting- $20 hr.
Sell It For You- Call For Rates

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Christine 916-969-8629
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I have been Teaching and Consulting On-Line Sales and Marketing for 5 years. Personal experience 10 years.
Years Experience: 5