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ottis colburn

Hi, I prefer people call me J.R. Don`t get me wrong but hay look at lol. I`m a 43 year old guy that has everything a guy could want. My lady and kids.. NOW i`m working on the MONEY lol. EVERHBODY LOVES MONEY

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EASY MONEY Crawfordville, FL
making money Crawfordville, FL
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Category: Marketing / Sales
I get people to buy domains & websites very cheap.
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making money

Category: Travel / Leisure
I like to travel and make money while I travel.The company I am affiliated with is a travel company and I get great discounts on ANYWERE in the WORLD and I never pay more than $799 for a whole week,even if my whole family goes with me. I also make money while im relaxing on the beach in some forign contry or right here in Florida. All I do is tell people what I paid for my CONDO for the week.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2 years collage in CNS computer network systems.
Years Experience: 1