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I'm looking for Drywall/Plaster patching jobs in Norco, Corona, Mira Loma, Chino, Alta Loma and Ontario California.

I am retired from a 20+ year drywall finishing/painting career for about 4 years and I’m bored to tears sitting around a lot of the time. I worked primarily (in the Painter’s Union) for Gypsum Enterprises in Anaheim, California.

I still do “side jobs” installing patches on drywall, finishing, texturing and some painting
on plaster and some small stucco. I have developed my own style of patching walls and ceilings...I’m pretty much a “take charge” person who likes to do it “my way”.

I have a small patch ‘n match business and I primarily work with plumbers who do residential re-pipes. The re-pipe business has really slowed down because of our economy, so I have more free time than I had a couple years ago.

If I do a patch job for a plumber in the customer’s home, usually the homeowner has me do MORE work (all sorts of handyman jobs) because I do such a good job...You cannot tell where the patch is after I finish the job.

I am very customer oriented and I’ve got ONE advantage over MOST drywallers...I have LOTS of free time...(and pension money coming in).

And, this will be like a NEW career to me...I am excited and enthusiastic with a good attitude! How many of your applicants can say that?

I’m not bi-lingual...I only speak English.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let’s talk.

Jack Feutell

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Drywall/Plaster Patching Norco, CA
Window Washing Norco, CA
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Drywall/Plaster Patching

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Do you have door knob holes? Water damaged drywall? No job is too small.
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Years Experience: 25

Window Washing

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
I have washed many home and small business windows. My motto is... "Windows So Clean, You'll Think They're Open"!
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Years Experience: 3

Want More Business With Unconventional Marketing?

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Unconventional marketing ideas you probably haven't tried...Check it out.
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I've written marketing booklets for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Brokers.
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