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I'm 16 and play drums.

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Drums Hubbard, OR
Guitar Hubbard, OR
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Category: Music
I've played with my father's band on multiple occasions (so I have some experience), I had my own band for a while, I've been playing with this guitar player in my garage for a while but he found a band, I also play some guitar, and I own a seven piece drum set with all Evans heads. I'm looking for a band with two people that can sing, two guitars, and one bass. I play 70's, 80's, and 90's rock. I'll even play a little mainstream if necessary. Anywhere from Black Sabbath to Green Day. Some slow stuff like Pink Floyd is always cool. I've also been learning how to play some off-beat stuff, like The Pot, by Tool. Best way to contact me is by text. Email works too though. No druggies or inexperienced musicians please.
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High School.
Years Experience: 8


Category: Music
I don't have as much experience with guitar as I have with drums. I could play rhythm just fine though...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 9