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Southeastern Oklahoma Driving School
580-924-9402 or 866-924-9402
Main Office Located at: 2813 W. University Blvd., Durant, OK. 74701

We offer monthly classes for MOTORCYCLE SAFETY, DEFENSIVE DRIVING & DRIVER'S EDUCATION. Classes are held in Durant & McAlester, OK. The MSF Motorcycle Safety Class is a national course so it does not matter which state your from or licensed in.

Motorcycle Safety Class: It is offered on a Friday night from 5:pm-10:pm & Saturday from 8:am-6:pm. This course waives the driving part of the state exam and can be taken by people 14 years old and older. Friday we are in the classroom and Saturday we are on the range riding motorcycles all day. We provide the bikes, helmet, gloves & glasses. Class cost is $175.00 and it is a really fun class.

Defensive Driving Class: 6 hour class, removes 2 points from the students Ok. State Driving Record & if not court ordered to attend the class it gives the student a 5% insurance discount. Class cost is $50.00

Driver's Education: Meets all state requirements for Driver's Ed.. Class is on a Saturday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm where we are in the classroom and the driving is done during the week after school from 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm. The course can be finished in 2 days (one Saturday classroom & one drive time which is 16 hours total). This course is great, not like what we took back in high school. It is taught mostly by X-Police officers and you finish in two days. Students that finish this course are pretty darn salty. We fire questions and tasks at the students for 16 hours, they learn to change a tire, jump-start a car, and we just keep giving them driving tasks all the time. If they don't get it we keep working with them till they do. We never yell at the students and we have a great time while making them as good and safe a driver as they can be. The age to attend is 15 - 120 years old. The oldest student we have had was 85 years old. Class Cost is $325.00

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All instructors are certified by the State of Oklahoma, M.S.F. (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) & Professional Driving School Association.
Years Experience: 30