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Category: Nature / Animals
Doga is for all dogs, young and old, mellow and active

Doga is about you and your dog! Each pose is modified depending on your pet’s size and flexibility. This is a gentle practice which includes massages, light stretches, relaxation and bonding. Anytime you help your dog into a pose, support them like a baby. This is a partner practice—all moves are done with respect, strength, and love. Even if you think you are not flexible, you can still do Doga—all you need is practice and your dog does too!

For each Doga Class:
Bring your dogi with a collar and leash; a mat or towel for each of you to sit on, treats and water for your pet. All Doga classes are 1 hour.

Start Now—here is a pose you can do at home:

Sit down, become aware of your breath.
Allow your pet to find a comfortable seat on you, or near you. Begin to connect to each other, to your dual breathing, to your love for each other.
Sit for at least 2 minutes. You can rest your hands on your dog, but sit up straight and just BE and BREATHE!

Your Doga hosts are Geralyn Russell, Registered Yoga Teacher and Lucy, an absolutely joy filled red Standard Poodle. Contact Geralyn at 850-878-2843 or email:
Relevant Education / Credentials
Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified T-Touch for dogs
Years Experience: 2