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I'm Jennifer, a 22 year old animal lover with a dream to make sure everyone can have an amazing relationship with their pet! I have a dog, a cat, 4 tortoises, a bearded dragon, an albino kingsnake, two tree frogs, and a small aquarium. I love being outdoors with my dog, and so does she!

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Dog Walking Renton, WA
Dog Training Renton, WA
Pet Sitter Renton, WA
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Hikes, photography, animals, reptile expos, family & friends, dog walking, training my dog, dog activities
I am look ing to get a stronger client base to get my business up and running so I will no longer need to work for petco
I am very flexiable and am willing to make sure you are happy and your pet is happy.
Work Experience:
I have worked for petco since I graduated from high school. Trying to get my business Paws for a Cause off the ground.
Graduated High School with a 3.67 GPA. I also have a couple of college credits in Early Childhood Education.
Organizations / Affilations:
I am a certified dog trainer, a member of the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society, the Seattle Turtle and Tortoise Club, I am a member of the Hepmfest Staff, and like to do volunteer work for the humane societies in the area.
Jennifer Lovett is located in Renton, WA and has the following skills: Dog Walking, Dog Training, Pet Sitter
Training, Nature / Animals, Services
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Dog Walking

Category: Nature / Animals
I grew up out in the woods with my dogs. I figured when I got older I wanted to take aspects of my childhood and apply it to everyday activities, I don't think a dog should be limited to the exercise it gets depending on where it lives. Every dog big and small should get great adventures every day with new smells to pick up, new people and dogs to meet, plus all the weird sounds one gets to hear while out on a walk.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I grew up with dogs my whole life and living in the woods I would take them for long walks everywhere. I would walk them trough the tree farm, to the lake, to friends houses that lived close by, anywhere I were allowed to go I liked to take the dogs. Sure they had 5 acres to roam, but they always loved to walk with me, it gave them new experiences and new places to explore. Which makes for a happy and pooped pooch.
Years Experience: 10

Dog Training

Category: Training
I have always thought dogs were very interesting, so when I got the opportunity to become a dog trainer I jumped at it. Since I became a certified Dog trainer I have learned to communicate with dogs, how they learn, how they communicate, what there drives are, and so much more. I love to pass the knowledge I gained on to others to help them build a long lasting relationship with their dog.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I went to school through petco to become a dog trainer. I started training at the Gig Harbor store, by the time I left there I had trained over 100 classes, with a class average of three dogs, so in total about 300 dogs lives where changed and made better with my help.
Years Experience: 4

Pet Sitter

Category: Services
I want people to trust that when they go on vacation or away for business that they know their pet in good hands. I treat every animal I watch as one of my own. I love all animals and want to make sure they are happy and enjoying themselves when their family is gone.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have worked for petco since 2007, since working their I have worked with all the animals in the store, plus I used to train our bigger birds, like conures, to step up, talk and even poop on command. I've had dogs and cats my whole life and really know how to handle myself around them. Reptiles are my specaility, I have a small zoo of my own with all of my reptiles, I am a member of the Pacfic Northwest Herpetological Soceityso I have many reptile connections I am also a member of the Seattle Turtle and Tortoise Club. I have had many years of work experience with animals and now I'm sharing my knowledge with others.
Years Experience: 4