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I have 10 years of experience with Dog training, walking, boarding skills in Conyers, GA. I also have 15 years of experience with Art, pet art skills.
My education and credentials include dog trainer certification.

Profile Summary:
Dog training, walking, boarding Conyers, GA
Art, pet art Conyers, GA
My Skills

Dog training, walking, boarding

Category: Nature / Animals
I am a certified pet trainer and I train anywhere from 50-350 dogs per year. I can board dogs (with ample notice for weekends) and I also do dog walking or doggie bike rides (extreme exercise). I can help with obedience problems such as nipping, chewing, biting, jumping, and leash issues. I can train basic commands such as sit, stay, down or more complicated commands such as heel, long distance stay, come from a distance etc. If you have a complicated situation, please email me and I can help find a solution for your needs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
dog trainer certification
Years Experience: 10

Art, pet art

Category: Art / Creative
I can take photos of your pets or you can send me pictures you have taken in order to create pet artwork on canvas. I do have the ability to have your photos put onto other materials or create other items such as purses with your pictures if you can give me ample notice. If you have an idea for a pet gift, please email me so that I can either create your artwork or recommend someone who can.
Relevant Education / Credentials
art degree
Years Experience: 15