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A little bit about myself:

I love animals. It’s that simple. I chose to train and rescue dogs because I feel it is my calling…my passion. I want to help pet owners to have a better relationship with their animals. Working in animal rescue for many years, I have seen how a little training could have prevented a big problem. I am here to share that knowledge.

I have experience working at a veterinary hospital helping pet guardians learn the importance of vaccinations and spaying/neutering, nutrition and exercise. During that time I nursed unweaned kittens and puppies; finding homes for them as they matured.

For two years I volunteered my time to a rescue zoo in West Africa, creating and implementing enrichment projects for the captive animals. I worked mostly with the chimps, lions and African Grey parrots, an experience I will treasure forever.

For over 10 years I have been training dogs and have run an unofficial animal rescue from my home, taking in homeless animals (dogs, cats, squirrels, pigs and parrots) and finding homes for them or releasing them to wildlife rehabilitators.

Most recently, I volunteered for a Los Angeles based, no-kill animal rescue. 80% of the homeless dogs in LA are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes. Many of these dogs have sad stories, but strong, loving spirits. They have inspired me to study dog psychology and animal behavior. I trained with them in the hopes of helping them to become more “adoptable”.

I recently re-located to the Colorado Springs area and would like to establish my dog training business as well as to offer various other pet services. I offer a free initial phone consultation to assess your needs and to ensure I can, indeed, be of help.

Hope to see you soon!

With warm regards,

Bernadette Failla
Bernie's Dog Training & Pet Care Services

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Dog Trainer Peyton, CO
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Dog Trainer

Category: Nature / Animals
Dog Training – for basic commands and behavioral issues

Dog Boarding in a non-kennel enviornment

Doggie Daycare to relieve boredom, burn energy and socialize
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Veterinary Assistant Zoo Enrichment Projects Animal Rescue Dog Training
Years Experience: 10