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Do you have pet odors or smoke ordors?

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Do you have pet odors or smoke orders or Mildew odors? Have you ever walked into a place that you were able to smell pet or smoke odors? All odors are made up of odor molecules -- technically, gas molecules.
When we spray the product , its anti-odor molecules seek out and bond with odor molecules of just about every kind, changing them into molecules that can never again cause odor. Since our product stops odor at its source, it needs no harsh chemicals and it needs no scent of its own.

The scientific instrument that most accurately measures odors is the Gas Chromatograph. This instrument can measure odor down to only a few parts per million ? levels that are imperceptible to the noses of humans or animals.

Soiled cat litter has long been characterized as the source of the worst household odor. When the odor from soiled cat litter is entered into the Chromatograph it registers at levels that are highly offensive to humans and 100 times more powerful to cats.

We will come to your house and spray and get rid of all the odors for at least 30 days. This is also good for those people who have empty houses for sale that has ordors in them from the past owners, Please call for an estimate to service your house or apartment.
We will travel all over Central Illinois.

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When those same samples of litter are sprayed with our product, the Gas Chromatograph levels fall to zero on all odor measurements - meaning that the litter odor will no longer be detectable by the human nose nor by the much more sensitive nose of the cat.
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