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Over 20 years of military and musical experience created singer/songwriter SERGEANT PETER JESTER. Jester has recently recorded “the Jester & the Unhappy Girl.” A musical story about medieval tragedy. Last year Jester rereleased "MilitiA" (1992) on CD which included live tracks performed at CLUB DIX.

SERGEANT PETER JESTER is a professional DJ/ Karaoke/ Open Mic/ Guitar Hero party host. And a musician who covers many popular country, rock and metal tunes. He also plays children’s songs and standards. JESTER is an accomplished songwriter with a following. "I like speed; I do sweep arpeggios and fast scale patterns, but haven't played with a pick in many years. I have a comfortable fast finger style utilizing all 5 fingers at will." SERGEANT JESTER has also been described like a faster version of the Pink Floyd. In 2005 when SERGEANT PETER JESTER performed songs off of his "MilitiA" CD at Club Dix (Fort Dix, NJ) for soldiers deploying overseas. "I consider that time the high point of my life. I spent my life training and taking care of soldiers." SFC JESTER retired in 2007 after 24 total years in the military and is now very active in the New Jersey Shore music scene. JESTER is known for good vocals, fast guitar licks, finger style rhythms and songs about military life.

Showcase the many talented singers and musicians in your area. Bring your favorite CD for all to listen. Have a singing contest with prizes. Jester can host any event, any size. Peter also knows many other musicians as reliable back ups, contacts or featured artists that may better suit your venue or event. It is about your musical needs. Bring an instrument or play a CD, What do you want to hear?

Contact PETER for information about performing for soldiers at FORT DIX or any other events he organizes or if you want JESTER to perform at your event or business.

PETER JESTER was born and grew up in Jersey City, started playing guitar at an early age with the many talented guitar players in th

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I am an experienced professional musician and party host and I am looking to host your party or perform at your venue. Since retiring from the military my business, PETER JESTER MUSIC was designed to accommodate a party that plays the music you love.

My dedication and love of music is infectious. I have performed in all kinds of situations (Weddings, Patriotic events, Daycare centers, Luaus, BBQ’s, Bar mitzvah, Birthdays, Retirements, Corporate parties, Bachelorette surprise party, Clubhouses, Bars, VFW’s, Car Shows any event any size) playing the theme of the party first. It's about great music!

Sergeant Peter Jester performs over 1000 songs and with a click of a button -get ready for karaoke or guitar hero! Throw a party everyone will remember and have a great time.

Show off your talent by singing karaoke, playing an instrument or guitar hero or just bring your favorite CD and we will all get a listen. Arrange for prizes; design your event or party! PETER JESTER MUSIC has great sound equipment, large TV screens and the most affordable prices.
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