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Monica J. Foster

Monica J. Foster is vibrant amputee on wheels who was born with spina bifida and faced leg amputation in 2010 after a non-healing wound in her left foot lead to life-threatening illness. A survivor of various health and life obstacles, Monica has already lived longer than ‘experts’ expected when little was understood about spina bifida in the 1970s, which results in an underdeveloped, open spinal cord and paralysis. She has accomplished many things not expected of her, from simply existing to thriving as an independent woman with a disability, to graduating college, driving a car with hand controls and wheelchair lift, getting married, to becoming an accessible homeowner and owning her own successful businesses.

Monica lives in a small town outside Charlotte, N.C. with her husband, Bryan -- himself a stroke survivor, which added a new layer to their relationship when they were dating. With a multi-faceted perspective on overcoming various life challenges, breaking down barriers and reframing obstacles into opportunities, she is a professionally certified vision board, life and career coach, Monica founded BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting (, a professional life coaching, speaking, advocacy and consulting in 2008.

BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting ( aims to provide individuals and groups with the tools they need to think outside the box about life's challenges, dispel myths and fear and flip obstacles into opportunities, so that awareness and S.M.A.R.T. solutions to break barriers between systems and people are in continuous development, not just when concerns or crises arise.

As a coach, speaker and consultant, Monica helps people of all abilities and challenges focus on shifting life's possibilities into reality people of varied abilities and challenges--including but not limited to people with disabilities--so we can lead more ability-conscious, valuable lives.

Profile Summary:
Disability Life Coaching, Diversity Acceptance Charlotte, NC
Copywriting Charlotte, NC
Disability Awareness & ADA Training Charlotte, NC
Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator Charlotte, NC
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Disability Life Coaching, Diversity Acceptance

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Monica is known as The Life Beyond Limits Coach®. A vibrant amputee on wheels, she is a believer in living a life beyond limits, regardless of life's challenges. Specializing in working with people with disabilities, she is a certified Life, Life Purpose and Career Coach. She is also a Certified Vision Board Coach and Chief Motivational Officer of BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting. She helps clients and groups using vision boards to give their life and work possibilities shape, then shift those visions into reality. She is also a sought after professional speaker, trainer, consultant and writer. Call Monica today!
Relevant Education / Credentials
ICF-accredited certifications in life, life purpose and career coaching from Life Purpose Institute; N.C. Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) Master Certified Vision Board Coach (MVBC) from Vision Board Institute;
Years Experience: 5


Category: Writing / Journalism
Associate Editor for The Riot Rocks! national self-advocacy e-newsletter; Disabilities Editor for's Disabilities Network (2010-2012), Contributing writer for Parenting Special Needs Magazine and Disabled Dealer Magazine online.
Relevant Education / Credentials
BA in Writing Studies from Pfeiffer University with concentration in Communication Studies and Journalism.
Years Experience: 15

Disability Awareness & ADA Training

Category: Training
Monica is a certified ADA Title I HR Administrator and graduate of DBTAC's ADA Title I-III Moderated Webcourse, lifelong wheelchair user, disabled veteran's daughter, 4+ years experience in nonprofit disability rights advocacy
Relevant Education / Credentials
30+ years of life experience and over 10 years of professional experience in disability policy, not for profit service provision and peer mentoring for people with disabilities
Years Experience: 40

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

Category: Training
10+ years experience speaking before diverse groups of all abilities and professions including professional conference keynotes, motivational presentations sharing my life beyond limits story, conference breakout sessions and panel dicussion facilitation with a focus on self-advocates, special needs families and not-for-profit service providers; K-12 presentations on anti-bullying, disability acceptance, acceptance of differences
Relevant Education / Credentials
Public speaking coursework at Pfeiffer University, on-the-job experience as a community disability awareness and accessibility trainer for professional and municipal groups;
Years Experience: 8