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william kloepfel

General contractor/design builder for 40 years, am a master of Feng Shui the 6,000 year old Art of chinese posistioning of your enviorment, home, office, rooms, garden, so that the energy flows in your life and in your home. the mastering of this art has allowed me to bring to building a new dimension in peacefut co-existance with you and your enviorment. My theme homes are equisite and with the finishes i design and provide there are few equals in the business. in addition i am a historical correctness and preservationist

Profile Summary:
Designer Santa Barbara, CA
Consulting for the construction industry Santa Barbara, CA
Real estate development rehab of property Santa Barbara, CA
My Skills


Category: Art / Creative
have mastered Tile and stone Design and the artistic themes that tie a home together.
Relevant Education / Credentials
s.b.c.c. theater arts, set design and lighting, trades schools, learn by doing for 40 years in the city of Montecito, Ca. on all those wonderful mansions, and estates
Years Experience: 40

Consulting for the construction industry

Category: Consulting
with 40 years in the business of design building i have the ability to consult in any catagory that is within the scope of the construction industry, from the curb to the rear property line.
Relevant Education / Credentials
30 years experience in construction and designing
Years Experience: 30

Real estate development rehab of property

Category: Real Estate / Property
find run down or derilict home and buy and refurbish and then resell them at a profit
Relevant Education / Credentials
real estate finance courses and just doing it.
Years Experience: 25