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Breaking the Blade was formed in the summer of 2008 by vocalist Steven Kreul.

The band, at the time, could best be described as alternative. BtB had Mike Wadina on bass, Travis Shockman on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bryce Crunkilton on lead guitar and vocals, and Steven Kruel as the lead vocalist. Because we were looking for a heavier sound, Kreul was the first to quit the band, even though he fou...nded it.

Bryce and Elliot kept the band going and did some remodeling.This including replacing Mike Wadina with Shane Bellinger on bass and moving Travis Shockman to the lead vocalist spot.

Spring 2009. With Shockman's move to Arizona, BTB was at a loss for some time. BtB spent a lot of time searching for a new vocalist until they finally recruited Cody Lamers. Now, Breaking the Blade is in the process of perfecting their sound.

In early September 2009, Breaking the Blade auditioned a couple of guys to have a shot at rhythm guitar. On October 29th they decided to induct Mitch Bond on rhythm guitar.

When Mitch joined the band, their style started to change even more. The music they started to write slowly became more of the sound they are today, compared to their songs they have written in the past. There are many differences. BtB had been incorporating many styles of music into their sound, such as technical death metal, grindcore, deathcore and black metal. They have been keeping their style under the genre as experimental, moving towards their sound by involving experimenting with those genres.

In Late March 2010, Breaking the Blade started to record at In the Scene Studios.

Mitch and Shane quit the band around the same time in October 2010. Within the month, Tyler Koltz took over the bass position in BtB.

In January/February 2011, BTB found a new drummer; Allen Sklar from Stevens Point. Tyler Koltz moved from bass to rhythm guitar and Shane Bellinger re-joined the band.

BtB released their 2nd CD in August 2011 titled "Abstract Girl".

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