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I am a happy woman. With a wonderful family, starting with my grandparents, along with my parents, my brother, my husband and my beloved daughters.I was raised in the beautiful Isla del Encanto, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. My grandparents taught me since little respect and love towards God. They also Taught me to apply the Bible to my life and not to study it (like other people does). I'm Currently living in the United States. I am a full time Mother & Wife. I also have my own Family Day Care at home I attend to REMANENTE FIEL church in Rochester, NY. With a great pastors filled with the anointing of God, JOHN & JACKELINE CARABALLO.(Wwoo - Why is that other pastors are not like them? lol). I like to be in my free time with my husband and my daughters. I do not like hypocritical People and with double-sided (Which does not mean that there are none). I love Cleaning! I love Marcos Witt songs! I love my beautiful and Handsome Husband and of course my gorgeous daughters (Hailey Alianthany & Jaquelyn Alianie). I love Shopping and spending my Husband's Money. I love Victor's Mall. I hate the Walmart at Hudson Ave. (ghetto) I don't like that guy that sings the spoonsboob song (just to be funny). That's all for now. Anything else about me? E-mail me. God Bless you!

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Day Care Provider Rochester, NY
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Quiero seguir creciendo espiritualmente en mi vida con Dios.Quiero que mi Matrimonio siga siendo tan Bello y Fuerte como lo ha sido hasta ahora.Que Dios me ayude a Educar a mis Hijas con el mismo amor y respeto que me ensenaron mis Abuelos y mis Padres y que crezcan conociendo de Dios Teniendo Fe y Respeto en El.Que todo paso que yo y mi familia demos,Sean Siempre dirigidos por El.
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Eloisa Pascual (Puerto Rico-High School)
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Hebelie Crespo is located in Rochester, NY and has the following skills: Day Care Provider
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My Skills

Day Care Provider

Category: Childcare
*I don't do TV all day long (It's not good for kids!!!)
*It's a smoke FREE home
*I provide Meals and Snacks
*I do age appropriate learning activities every day
*I do daily story
*I do "circle time" where I also teach them language (Spanish)
*I do arts and crafts, where the children can all use there imagination
*I (with parents permission) go on field trips to Playgrounds, Zoo, Strong
Museum of Play and other kid oriented places.
*I have a fenced Back Yard
*I also have lots of toys for each age. (They will never get bored!)
*You will see what they did each day at the Day Care!!!

40hrs A WEEK=$80
OR $2.00 AN HOUR
Relevant Education / Credentials
Monroe Community College Rochester,NY Graduated: 2008 Student status: Alumni Degree: Professional 2003-2008
Years Experience: 10