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I've been coding since about 1982 when I bought my first PC. At that time I was in broadcasting (radio) and found myself trying to create an automated presentation generator for broadcast sales. A client gave me a copy of DBase 3 Plus (I still have it) and I was off into database design. A year later I took most of the computer and programming classes at the local community college and started writing in BASIC.

The first practical BASIC program I wrote was a system to rotate the music at our radio station. The station I was employed was an automated station using the old CETEC system that consisted of a small proprietary computer, a series of auto rewind/sensing tape decks and two banks of cart machines to run commercials. The music was supplied via a commercial music service that provided us with four different categories of music on reels, althogether about 50 different reels per month with about 30 songs per reel... two reels changed each week and one additional per month.

The program took a text file with reel numbers and produced a play-list that separated the reels in a way to maximize the tape separation and make the station sound less repetitive. Nothing like that existed commercially for the next ten years.

In 1991, I created an advertising agency that specialized in electronic prepress design, and then in 1995, I went to work for a ratings and market research software company as an on-site client service and training representative. I serviced radio, TV and advertising agencies in the western US. In 1996, worked as an computer applications instructor at a popular training school franchise.

In 1997, I opened MARS Group, that was originally focused on the radio industry, but through happenstance, ended up writing databases and software to access those databases in education administration. I do custom database/software development and sell my own product line of software to school districts around the country.

Profile Summary:
Database Software Development Fresno, CA
Microsoft Office Integration Fresno, CA
Computer Applications Instructor Fresno, CA
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Database Software Development

Category: Computers / IT
I design, develop and implement relational databases in SQL Database Server, MYSQL and MS Access, and produce software that access and control those database systems.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 12

Microsoft Office Integration

Category: Consulting
I use a number of development tools to custom integrate Microsoft Office applications, including VB/VBA, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Tools for Office, and other technology.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20

Computer Applications Instructor

Category: Training
I've taught computer applications, at New Horizons, and Fresno City College's Training Institute. I've also provided software training for Strata Marketing (a ratings/market research software vendor) and of course, my own company.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 14