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Custom Prop 215 Gorw Room Set Up!

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Low Energy!

High Output!


Our experienced team will assist in the design and installation of Your custom 215 Garden.

Specialty LED lighting for all cycle or for separate plant cycle rooms.

LED Benefits

Lower wattage consumption & Low Heat Output

less cooling/venting

Lowest Total Cost of Operation.

Patent Pending scrogging/tie down system

maximum light exposure and yield.

Custom venting & Walls

Permanent or temporary (low cost/black out walls)

Infrared Blocking liner provides a reflective surface that provides maximum light exposure to plants

Consulting Services included:

Nutrient & Soil Selection

Meter Selection

Controller and timer selection

Referrals to the most cost effective and high quality Equipment to stock the supply closet to keep your cycles going strong and long!

For verified 215 Patients our contractor can assist you in planting your first (or second, etc) garden with our very high quality and Dutch verified babies ready to live in your new garden and provide the prettiest and most flavorful varieties of Kush (and other high quality saliva's available!

Custom Bids

Free Consultation!!!!!

Currently So Cal Only or will consider further travel with additional Cost for Travel And Expenses

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