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Why you need your golf clubs customized

The old cliché “People are like snowflakes; no two are alike” pertains very much why your clubs need customized. When manufacturers make mass-produced or “stock” clubs, they are doing so by establishing an average. Whether it be producing the club length based on the average height of men and women, grip sizes to average players hand sizes, shaft flex based on average strengths of golfers, the manufacturer has to establish some baseline so their clubs can fit as broad of an array of golfers as possible. If you are buying clubs off the rack, then you need to ask yourself “I am Mr. (or Mrs.) Average?” There is a very good chance you are not.

Even the manufacturers of brand name equipment know that producing a one-club-that-fits-all mentality does not work as most major manufacturers offer custom options as they too realize the importance of it. The problem for manufacturers though, is that they are set up for mass producing the same product repeatedly instead of making one set (or club) at a time.
Not only is it more time consuming to get the product into a potential customer’s hand, but more costly as well. Plus they do not have that personal contact with the player that a custom clubmaker or clubfitter does.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20