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Michael Stoltz

I have 10 years of experience with Creative writer skills in Merchantville, NJ. I also have 1 year of experience with Flight Modeler skills, 5 years of experience with Air combat simulator trainer skills all of which I also do in the Merchantville, NJ area.
My education and credentials include No formal education apart from common schooling and some college. I didn't go to school for writing..

Profile Summary:
Creative writer Merchantville, NJ
Flight Modeler Merchantville, NJ
Air combat simulator trainer Merchantville, NJ
Horseshoes Merchantville, NJ
My Skills

Creative writer

Category: Writing / Journalism
Writing has always been a hobby of mine, since I was about 13 years old. Amateur at best but always improving, what I mean to say is, I've never published a book or article of any kind.

Here is an example of my best 'structured' writing to date.
Relevant Education / Credentials
No formal education apart from common schooling and some college. I didn't go to school for writing.
Years Experience: 10

Flight Modeler

Category: Engineering
I was part of a team dedicated to developing, calculating and testing the flight models for a free-to-play World War 2 and Korean era air combat game. Personally, I was responsible for the American airplanes(and was the only American involved in the project).
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1

Air combat simulator trainer

Category: Video Gaming
I'm not actually a pilot. Just too expensive for me right now, nor did I serve with the armed forces in my country. I am told, however, with the score I placed on the test I would have had a chance to chase my dream, if it were not for medical issues.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Apart from learning from some of the best, none.
Years Experience: 5


Category: Sports / Recreation
This is mostly put up here for fun. :)

I love to play horseshoes, a backyard, bbq game. And like several things in my life, I've learned from some of the best(my dad and uncle).
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 15