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Sharon Powers

. A creative visionary with a distinguished record of success, She is a highly accomplished and successful advertising executive with years of proven experience in organizational development, strategic business planning, and the ability to assist companies in leveraging challenging business opportunities for maximum profit and growth.
Backed by years of success with several industry awards under her belt, she brings an expertise in the field of Medical Marketing, which includes Practice Building, Rep Incentive Programs, Product Launch, Patient/Professional Education and OTC products. Having vast knowledge of several categories (i.e., Cardio-vascular, Psyco-tropic, anti-inflammatory, and oncology just to name a few)
Sharon is no stranger to Consumer Marketing and Advertising with vast experience in travel/leisure, publishing, language/ financial and retail.
She is a Veteran of the US army where she was in the first unit of regular army female personnel (after the disbandment of the WACS)and won two awards overseas including a good conduct medal

Profile Summary:
Creative Marketing Director Jacksonville, FL
My Skills

Creative Marketing Director

Category: Art / Creative
Marketing Art Director
Advertising/Marketing business. Services include all aspects of the healthcare audience - OTC, DTC, Medical Education as well as consumer products and services - and encompasses all media: video, print, mail, packaging, poster, web site design, rep incentive programs, POP, new product launch etc. Strong marketing orientation has helped in the proper launching and positioning of products, creating meaningful as well as profitable selling messages.

Current clients include: -Lyons, Lavey, Nickels, Swift; -KPR, FCB,Ogilvy Healthcare
-Regan, Campbell, Ward; -Foti, Lazo
-Sudler and Hennessey; -The Watson Group (Consumer Agency)
-The Doctor’s Center -Nur Ener International
-First Trust Realty -Tranquility Day Spa
Products: Zoloft (AntiDepressant), Celebrex (Arthritis), Taxol (Lung Cancer), Launched Baycol (anticholesterol), Cipro (Quinelone), Zyrtec (Allergy), Pravachol (antihypertensive), Synthroid (Thyroid), Aricept (Alzheimer’sDisease), Avelox (Quinilone), Lunelle (Birth control), Cancidas (Antifungal), Zyrtec (Allergy Product), Oral-B ( Consumer Dental Line), Aceon (Antihypertensive), Evastim (Vegas nerve stimulator device), Tri-Cyclin (Birth control), MerckMedicus & Merck Source Web , American Express TRS, American Movie Classics, Berlitz, DeBeers Diamonds,

Senior Art Director
Launched Schering's new antiestrogen Fareston. Developed extensive direct to consumer programs including direct mail, internet web site, video documentary and advertising, as well as professionalprograms to both oncologocal and surgical audiences. Other products worked on at this agency were: Risperdal (Antipsychotic), Duragesic (Analgesic patch), Splenda (Sugar substitute) and various vaccines.

VP, Creative Director
Helped this company grow from a 3 person s
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 15