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I am all about the family!! My husband and I have been together for 19 years and have 3 kids that mean the world to us. Brandon is almost 18 years old and has just graduated from high school. He will start college in the fall. Tyler is 13 and will be going into 8th grade in the fall. Kayla just turned 11 and will be going into 6th grade.

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Creating Personalized Products Tracy, CA
Amateur Natural Light Photography Tracy, CA
My Skills

Creating Personalized Products

Category: Art / Creative
You supply the pictures and I can create one of a kind calendars with your families important dates. I can create DVD's using your pictures and favorite music artists. Do you have a senior in high school that is graduating? I can create everything from the save the date cards to the announcements and name cards. You supply the original picture, I will scan it into my computer, tweak it a little and in about 2 weeks you will be able to enjoy the finished products.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I created a DVD for a gentleman that supplied me with pictures starting at his wedding and going all the way through the birth of his final child. He gave it to his wife as an anniversary gift. She will treasure it forever.
Years Experience: 5

Amateur Natural Light Photography

Category: Outdoors
I LOVE to take pictures but I don't use a flash. I am just venturing into this arena but love to take pictures and turn them into things you could never buy in a store.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I went to a family reunion and took over 300 pictures. I uploaded them, edited them and created a one of a kind memory album for everyone that attended to enjoy complete with the names and addresses of everyone that attended.
Years Experience: 3