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Tasmine Thompson

I'm 18 years old currently, and looking to start of a small business so I can work from home while care for my son at the same time. I need something I can do from home, that I enjoy, and that will help pay the bills.

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Crafting Eau Claire, WI
Children Eau Claire, WI
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Crafting is my biggest hobbie, and one of my few interests. I like to work with my hands. I'm beginning to learn to make things with work, as well as paint and carve wood. I enjoy learning new things.
Tasmine Thompson is located in Eau Claire, WI and has the following skills: Crafting, Children
Art / Creative, Childcare
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Category: Art / Creative
I enjoy making crafts and I do alot. I make tie dyed shirts, shorts, boxers, pants, purses, bags, curtains. You name it, I'll dye it. I can also sew. I can make quite a bit of things. I mirror etch, which alot of people like to do on glass, it works the same. I make jewelry, I work with hemp also. I enjoy painting to. I enjoy making alot of things for babies and children. I have alot of ideas for crafts for little children. I make candles, tie blankets, diaper bags, regular blankets, pillows, pillow cases, rugs, office supplies containers, scrapbooks, book covers, steer wheel covers, car seat covers, just about anything. I can also crochet. You want it, let me know. I also teach classes on everything I make. I enjoy taking photographs as well, so if you would like any done, or anything, just let me know. I do crafts for and with children so if you would like me to do a project with your child, let me know. Please send me an email if you have any questions, want to see pictures of any projects, want to make an order, or schedule a lesson. Please tell me your name and a number to get a hold of you, as well as what it is you are contacting me for (i.e. questions, make an order, schedule a lesson or see some pictures.) Prices will vary depending on what the project is, what you would like, etc. I enjoy taking photographs as well, so if you would like any done, or anything, just let me know. Thanks! P.s. I also babysit. Thanks!!
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Years Experience: 12


Category: Childcare
I enjoy babysitting, and love children. I have a son of my own who I adore. I'm looking to go into childcare as my major. If you need a babysitter let me know, I always do crafts, so I can do crafts with your children.
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Years Experience: 6