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Lydia I. McTeague provides services to the American Red Cross as a First Emergency Responder and Planning Coordinator on the Emergency Response Team – a team of trained Red Cross individuals sent to the scene of a disaster to provide immediate disaster relief to those affected by disaster and to emergency workers responding to the incident, operating 365 days a year, 7 days per week, in rotation.

Over the years, Lydia has assisted the American Red Cross and the Disaster Service Human Resources (DSHR) with disaster relief and operational support for other emergency workers responding to incidents at the regional and national level. Being a First Responder and Team Coordinator, Lydia has specialized in providing services relating to natural disasters, heat waves, winter storms, wild fires, tornados, mudslides, flooding and thunderstorms, as well as to non-natural disasters such as hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction and terrorist disaster attacks aftermath care, chemical tanker spills, and structural fires. As a Red Cross Emergency Planning, Lydia has developed sumulation plans for response, mass care response preparation, damage assessment coordination and sheltering. Lydia offers seminars to the community to prepare individuals, families, and business for potential disasters and to provide disaster preparation strategies. Lydia also prepares and trains new Emergency First Responders in small to large scale disaster response.

As a Red Cross member certified in CPR/AED and a First Aid Instructor, Lydia I. McTeague offers classes for Lay Responders, Professional Rescuers and the general public in the workplace. CPR saves lives. Protect your loved ones with the best in first aid and CPR training from the American Red Cross.

I also have been practicing fitness and martial arts for the past couple years in Europe and in the United States; specialized in fitness strength training exercise, balance and flexibility programs, weight loss and lifesty

Profile Summary:
CPR AED First Aid Sarasota, FL
Personal Training Sarasota, FL
Personal Training & Fitness Sarasota, FL
My Skills

CPR AED First Aid

Category: Health / Fitness
Deciding to Act/Taking ActionChecking a Conscious Adult
Checking a Conscious Child
Checking an Unconscious Adult
Checking an Unconscious Child
Checking an Unconscious Infant
How to Give rescue Breaths – Adult
Conscious Choking – Adult
Conscious Choking – Child
Conscious Choking – Infant
Rescue Breathing – Child
Rescue Breathing – Infant
Signals of a Heat Attack and the Cardiac Chain of Survival
CPR – Adult
CPR – Child
CPR – Infant
Unconscious Choking – Adult
Unconscious Choking – Child
Unconscious Choking – Infant
Using an AED (automated external defibrillator) – Adult
Using an AED (automated external defibrillator)– Child
First aid for a variety of injuries, such as soft tissue injuries, burns, open and closed wounds, and cuts. Care for injuries to bones and joints, applying rigid and soft splints, anatomical splints, and giving care for severe injuries to head, neck and backHeat and cold-related emergencies
Manage sudden illnesses, stroke, seizure, bites, poisoning and allergies
Heart-Related Emergencies
Cold and Heat Related Emergencies
Poisining Related Emergencies
Moving and Ill or Injured Person
The Heart's Electrical System
Bloodborn Pathogens: Preventing Disease Transmission
Breathing Barriers
Asthmas Inhaler
Epinephrine Auto-Injector
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Instructor American Red Cross
Years Experience: 5

Personal Training

Category: Health / Fitness
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1

Personal Training & Fitness

Category: Health / Fitness
Health & Fitness goals orientation
Current and past medical status
Assessment and body fat composition testing
Assessment of current fitness level
Nutrition goals and consuling
Stress Management consuling
Relevant Education / Credentials
Personal Trainer Certified (American Council of Exercise) CPR/AED & First Aid Instructor Certified For Lay Responder and Professional Rescuers (American Red Cross) Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) Holistic Practitioner (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) Core Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise) Flexibility Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise) Medicine Ball Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
Years Experience: 10