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A funny thing happened on the way to secularly nd temporal princeliness-Serendipity & Synchronicity!!

The presumption of superordinancey of temporal, secular or sectarian paradigms is a gross, usurping fllacy by the visitations of my serendipities and synchronicities. It showed me over 38 years of kicking and screaming denial that we are extensions of eachother's soul and our common source from which we are the branches and limbs.

De Monk

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Cosmological Omaha, NE
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Polemics, spiritual and political. Physical disciplines: series circuit calesthenics and the yoga of "engagement".
visceral synergy
psychic congruence
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Forsaking the fool's gold of materialism and temporality for the quest of the living reality of the mystical. To come to the rabbits-hole that leads through the mystical eye of the needle of non-centricness. Realizing that even the highest emotional expression of aesthetic being romanticism, in which a vulnerable selflessness oens the individual up to the most altruistic ethics and morality of life, is itself a false premise of dependence on an independent variable that could be whimsical and arbitrary in its most adverse forms.

Recognizing that we are of one being and that the golden rule is as much a law of nature as it is a religous tenent provides the same altruistic humaneness for ALL, not just to the one for your self-serving needs.

We are more than our secular and temporal roles. Secular being those roles we perform for 2nd party agendas. Temporal being those roles we accept as common consensus of the present and past traditions.

We are incarnate beings of consciousness with the metaphysical DNA to discover and know our source and the transcendent powers it provides US as a functioning synergy of more than one.
The typical high school and college baccalaureate degree from a well-heralded private eastern university.
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Like Groucho, I'm not a joiner and disdain such nexuses beyond the ad-hoc cooperation and engagement that further promotes amnable causes.
Merlin De Monk is located in Omaha, NE and has the following skills: Cosmological
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The reforming of the metaphysical jigsaw cognition of existence and its over-arching purpose.
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