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Brittany Wood Nickerson

I was born and raised in a small town in Western Massachusetts. Growing up both my parents, and later my stepparents, were avid gardeners. In my earliest years my dad grew lettuce and tomatoes to sell to the local co-op. I remember my parents staying up at night after I had gone to bed and freezing fresh corn to eat through the winter, and my mom making pesto from fresh home grown basil with her friends. I have always loved the smells and sounds of nature and spent a considerable amount of my childhood outside playing with the plants. I have also always been fascinated by health, from an early age soaking up information and knowledge from those around me. It was quite fitting then that I took my first course in making herbal care products when I was 13 and have always held it in my heart. As a teenager when I babysat I would bring along a bag of games and activities and the favorite was always making herbal dream pillows.

As far as cooking goes I fell in love with the kitchen in the later years of elementary school when I remember rushing through my homework so that I could help my mom cook dinner. Together in the kitchen, she taught me what she knew and gave me a great sense of comfort for moving around the space and making food appear. Later, while attending college at UC Berkeley I lived in a large co-op where I cooked for two years in an industrial kitchen. I prepared dinners and lunch for 100 plus members and made fresh hummus and salsa for the house weekly.

In the Spring of 2007 I expanded my own home remedy knowledge and began a 13 month training in Herbal Medicine with Kami McBride. In this course I learned the healing properties of herbs and spices, tools and methods for making a plethora of herbal medicines, body system therapeutics, lifestyle approaches for health and vitality and much more. As someone who loves to cook, I found that Herbalism began to inform all the work that I did in the kitchen. I began to cook medicinally, using herbs and spices

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I combine my skills and love for herbalism with cooking. I use food as medicine and medicine as food. I cater, teach classes in herbal cooking, share recipes and give advice. check out my website for tons more information,!
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herbal medicine education from Living Awareness Institute.
Years Experience: 2