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I'm a 33 year old woman living in the Balch Springs area of Dallas, TX. I am somewhat of an artistic savant in that anything creative that I have ever done, tried, or attempted in any way I have been able to do like it just comes natural.

Also, I'm looking for Someone who can code in ajax to help build a renovative NEW concept in social networking site. There is NO networking site out there like this one, so if you want to be a part of something BIG like MySpace big, then please feel free to contact me.

Who ever decides to help with this project will get a considerable amount of the profits earned from this site. (residual income folks!)

Profile Summary:
construction Dallas, TX
ANYTHING creative Dallas, TX
Real Estate Investing Dallas, TX
country singer Dallas, TX
marketing consultant Dallas, TX
More About Me
outdoor sports like fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, kyaking, boating, you name it, and of course...ANYTHING to do with art or music
looking for someone who can code in ajax as well as many other forms like asp
C++ etc.
Work Experience:
I am now a co-owner of a Real Estate Investing LLC called Dream Homes of Dallas. We are currently looking for properties to invest in, so if you know of anyone within 100 miles of the Farmer's Branch area of Dallas, TX who is looking to say...get out from under their morgage, or just sell their house cheap, or even has a good plot of land they want to get rid of...PLEASE feel free to contact me and we can do business. I will also offer a finder's commission for anyone who can refer me to a property that we end up investing in. This can end up being thousands of dollars if it is a profitable enough property. If you have any I said, feel free to contact me.
Organizations / Affilations:
Dream Homes of Dallas, LLC
Raven MacLean is located in Dallas, TX and has the following skills: construction, ANYTHING creative, Real Estate Investing, country singer, marketing consultant
Real Estate / Property, Art / Creative, Internet / Web, Skilled Trade / Crafts
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My Skills


Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
I am a (now former)partner in a business that can do ANY kind of remodeling or roofing job in the construction trade. we do everything from decks, patios, foundation repair, complete from the ground up remodeling projects, Tile work, Metal or Comp roofs (any pitch), I personally have 10 years experience doing Sheet rock repair, Professional painting, and drywall preparation.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have worked over 10 years in the painting trade, and have experience in a wide variety of various construction jobs from Demolition to roofing, to vinyl siding, you name it.
Years Experience: 12

ANYTHING creative

Category: Art / Creative
I can do just about anything that is creative in any way. if it entails some kind of "think outside the box" creativity, or if it has anything to do with designing or creating something, I can do it.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have been creating works of art and advertising for various sites I own for years. I have been creating works of art and over 150 DIFFERENT crafts since I was a child. I took every creative class available all through school. I made wire sculptures, painted murals on businesses, made custom tee shirts, home made jewelry, and on a more business orientated creative level...I create add campaigns, make banners, create innovative new ways to advertise. Web design, Marketing consultation
Years Experience: 30

Real Estate Investing

Category: Real Estate / Property
I am a co-owner of a Real Estate investing LLC called, Dream Homes of Dallas. We buy abandoned propertys, help people get out from under an opressive morgage while keeping their credit clean, we buy all kinds of propertys from small one bedroom homes in the city to ranches out in the country, to apartment name it. If you can give us a good price, we can do business. Feel free to contact me about this skill. I will gladly respond to any questions you may have.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am admittedly fairly new to this skill, however my partner has many years of experience in this field. My main skill is surveying the propertys/houses for any structural defects before purchase, going to assess the property, and attaining leads on these propertys. All other aspects of the business are referred to my partner. It's hard to say exactly how much experience I have in this industry as I have been doing related work for over 10 years as far as development of propertys is concerned. So I am hoing to just leave my experience/credentials years of experience on the default for now. However...I know more about the trade than just a year's worth of experience.
Years Experience: 1

country singer

Category: Art / Creative
I am a country music singer, forced into the karaoke queen life because of a lack of a good band. Trying to find a country band in the Dallas, Texas area to connect with and maybe start touring some of the local bars, see what happens.
Relevant Education / Credentials
well, I have no formal education in singing, but I have a good bloodline of musicians in the family. My father was a famous folk singer. My mom said I must have got my voice from him cuz no one else in my family can sing worth a darn. lol
Years Experience: 22

marketing consultant

Category: Internet / Web
I have quickly become a marketing expert in the ways of the internet after designing a bunch of my own websites and having to figure out what works and what doesn't in the great scam filled internet world of advertising. Through hard work and research I have managed to beat out the Ravens football team in advertising and I did it all for FREE! that is an accomplishment in it's self because they spend millions every year to promote their team. If THAT isn't talent, I don't know WHAT is. HAHA!
Relevant Education / Credentials
no formal education, just practical experience and trial and error. (sometimes the best way to learn things if you ask me)
Years Experience: 14