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I have 29 years of experience with computer tutor skills in Ellensburg, WA.

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computer tutor Ellensburg, WA
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We got our first computer six years ago and I called Ross right away. He not only set the computer up then he spent a lot of time teaching me how to use it. He is very good working with people that are new to the computer world. He is very knowable about the inter workings of computers, and has got me out of trouble when I messed up. I’ve told my friends that have bought computers; they also used Ross with great results. Ross is always willing to help when you have a problem.


Ross, thank you so much for helping me with my computer. You saved me so much money. plus you are so great at helping me learn. I would recommend you to anyone needing help fixing or just learning how to use a computer.. Thank you again . Linda Callecod... Please give me as a reference You can have them call me at home or email me. thank you again. LInda

I called Ross because my mother lives in Ellensburg and I live too far away to be able to help her with her computer problems. He was fabulous. My mother felt very comfortable with him and he explained everything to her very patiently. He was able to resolve some complex compatibility issues with her hardware. It is so nice to know that Ross is available for help on an on call basis. It was also wonderful that he would come out to her home and fix her computer onsite. Other computer consultants have made her unplug her many cables and haul it all in to town. Ross is a Godsend!


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ross luck is located in Ellensburg, WA and has the following skills: computer tutor
Computers / IT
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computer tutor

Category: Computers / IT
How to email.
How to send attachments.
How to send blind carbon copy email to all your friends at once and make it look like you sent it to them only.
How to set up spreadsheets.
How to cut copy paste files.
Need to make a data backup?
Need help with a digital camera?
Wondering about what kind of printer to get or need help setting it up?
Need to learn something else? I have 29 years of experience with computers.
I don’t do Macs or Linux
I explain things in very easy to understand terms.
If you just need it set up, I can do that to.
Call 925-3380 or e-mail me with your request on what you need.
Normal rate is $20.00 per hour. For most of Ellensburg / Kittitas
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Years Experience: 29