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I've been in the pacific northwest most of my life. I like it here most of the time, but I do wish some days that it wouldn't rain so much. I'm a very inquisitive person, and I like to think that I get those around me to ask questions as well. I recieved high marks all throughout school, I graduated 5th in my class; 1st in mathematics as well as computer science. I was the quiet type in school, but after high school, I became much more confident as I found the things that I excel at are the things I enjoy doing.

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Computer Technician, Diagnostician Kelso, WA
Audio/Video Technician, Diagnostician Kelso, WA
Video Game Tester/Analyst Kelso, WA
More About Me
I have always been fascinated by mathematics and the application of math in all things. I have a keen grasp on the fundamentals and used to be called "the human calculator" in school. I enjoy learning everything I can, especially when concerning computers. I love science fiction, both in print and on film. I am a big movie buff of anything from the mid 80's to present. I also enjoy several different genres of music from the classical/instrumentals of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Bizet to modern rock like Breaking Benjamins, Linkin Park, and Staind.
Computer skills
math skills
business management
audio/video installation
Work Experience:
I started out at the age of 9 mowing lawns. I did this until I was asked to come work for the local grocery store in Toledo, WA known as The Red Apple, part-time shortly after I turned 16. I worked for Red Apple until my family moved to Longview, WA two years later. I then was hired at Sinnett's grocery in Longview on the very same day I applied. I worked at Sinnett's full-time while taking classes at the local community college, Lower Columbia College, for just over three years until I had a difference of opinion on what direction the company should take with a big-name chain store known as Winco Foods coming into the picture. I was let go a short time later. After being unemployed for three months, I got a job on the reference of one of the cashiers at Sinnett's at a dairy distribution company known as Dairy Fresh Farms. I worked for Dairy Fresh for eight months until I was let go for lack of productivity after being out of work for an on-the-job injury for three weeks, then after being back on the job for two weeks, I was burned during an auto maintenance incident on personal time and was hospitalized for three more weeks(in reality, the company was downsizing as it lost several school milk contracts one month prior to my dismissal). After being unemployed for several months, I was hired at Wal-Mart Stores in Longview, WA during their yearly turnovers in the beginning of May of 2006. I worked for Wal-Mart for exactly one year and one day and was let go during 2007's yearly turnover period. During the tax season of 2007, I began training with my grandfather and CPA, Gordon Wanamaker, to take over his tax business of roughly 200 clients as well as promoting my tech work ie. building computers as well as repair, diagnostics, and maintenance. During the 2008 tax season, I prepared Federal and State returns for approximately 120 clients, four amendments, and one audit.
I graduated from Toledo High School in Toledo, WA in 2002. I graduated 5th in my class with a 3.957 GPA. I attended Centralia Community College for roughly half of my Junior year of high school, and then Lower Columbia College for nearly all of my Senior year. I then went on to continue my schooling at Lower Columbia College for a year and a half after high school, changing my degree twice. My current degree program is chemical engineering. I have three quarters of an AA in Business management with a minor in mathematics. As stated above, I have been trained by my grandfather and CPA, Gordon Wanamaker, in the preparation of state and federal tax forms. I am self-trained in the computer science field, having started out utilizing Tandy "green screens" when I was six, continuous use of Mac's through high school, and personal use of all Windows operating systems from '95-Vista, with an exceptional knowledge of Windows XP. I have built nearly a dozen desktops running on the Intel platform. And have repaired and updated over 100 Dell's, Gateway's, HP's, etc. all since I was sixteen.
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Stewart Wanamaker is located in Kelso, WA and has the following skills: Computer Technician, Diagnostician, Audio/Video Technician, Diagnostician, Video Game Tester/Analyst
Computers / IT, Video Gaming, Technology
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My Skills

Computer Technician, Diagnostician

Category: Computers / IT
I can start from scratch building a budget PC to a powerful gaming desktop or laptop. I can diagnose problems with your existing computer (hardware, software, and networking) and then give you options (sometimes several) on what can be done and about how much it will cost.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Trained from the age of six to present throughout school and self-taught training through hands-on use and a few very reliable source sites on the internet for reading material.
Years Experience: 8

Audio/Video Technician, Diagnostician

Category: Technology
I can install, diagnose, and possibly even repair/replace audio/video equipment in your home or car.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have six years hands-on training and several reliable source sites on the internet for reading material. I've installed audio/video equipment in four personal vehicles, and have installed several different audio/video components both to my computer and my home theater system over the past six years.
Years Experience: 6

Video Game Tester/Analyst

Category: Video Gaming
I can test and analyze a game, and logically break it down into the fundamental aspects of what a particular video game is and what it could/should be ie. video quality, audio quality, character development (if applicable), story cohesion (if applicable), user interface, target audience (age, gender, racial groups), replay value, duration and level of entertainment, game length (too short or too long), level of necessary user precision, proper stepping of difficulty levels, checks and balances analysis of weapons, opponents, etc., online play responsiveness, Xbox Live achievement applicability, cross-platform applicability.
Relevant Education / Credentials
18 years of personal gameplay, recommendations to several dozen individuals, and three trips to Microsoft's gametester group studies.
Years Experience: 18