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Well Im 25 I Was Raised By My Grandparents So I'm Traditional In The Areas Of Ethics Manners And Respect,I Am A Non-Violent Person Who Relates With People From All Walks Of Life,I Am Productive And Motivated. Im Currently Trying To Develope The Full Scope Of My Business Plan And Implement It, I Know Its Computer Related Just Havent Decided The Path Yet, Im Attending Workshops For Micro Enterprise, Hoping That It Will Help Me Kick Start Everything In The Correct Manner, The Dream Of Following My Passion And Making A Living At It Fuels The Fire To Make This Happen, Im From A Small Town Transitioned To Big City, And Would Love To Find A Way To Help The World With My Talents

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Computer Specialist Spokane, WA
Typist Spokane, WA
Video Game Analyst Spokane, WA
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RC Cars, Computers, Video Games, Snowboarding, Writing Poetry, Solving Problems, Life, Music
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Its All Been Production Labor In Mills And Fields With A Little Bit Of Leadership Skills Offered From One Of The Mills. I Had A Crew Of 4 Including Myself I Also Ran Hyster For The Strawberry Fields
Multitudes Of Knowledge And Nothing Official
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TJ Singletary is located in Spokane, WA and has the following skills: Computer Specialist, Typist, Video Game Analyst
Computers / IT, Video Gaming
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Computer Specialist

Category: Computers / IT
Started At About 10. Mom Gave First Computer It Had Black Screen Green Typing 5 1/4 Inch Floppy Disk Used Ms-Dos I Was Able To Slowly Figure Most The Commands Out Which Ended Up Being A Huge Bonus Being As Most People Have Seemed To Forgotten Or Never Knew About It, The Next Thing That Developed Was Trouble Shooting Talked Grandpa Into Buying Computer On Condition That I Taught Him How To Use The Equipment. This Is Where It All Began Trouble Shooting Then Moved To Software After I Got The Basic Concept Of How One Software Program Was Designed It Became Fairly Easy To Adjust To All Forms Of Software As Long As I Had An Idea What The Application Of The Program Was Got Into Microsoft Works First Helped Grandpa Understand The Spreadsheet. Never Got To Take A Computer Course In High School Other Than A Business Class That Was Basic Office Skills, Between Then And The Next Big Jump It Was Years Of Troubleshooting, But To Keep This Short As Possible Ill Continue I Enrolled In Westwood College Online And Purchased An Alienware Because Up Until This Point No Real Hardware Skills Had Been Previously Acquired, So Naturally The First Time It Broke Instead Of Sending It To Microsoft For There Award Winning Customer Support I Tore It Apart And Started Figuring Out What Made The Machine Perform The Way It Was, Since Then I've Solved Many Problems For Many Different People And One Small Business At Westwood College Online I Also Took One Of The Only Few Official Computer Courses But I Chose To Follow My Heart And Didnt School Finished So I Ended Up With A Few Basic Scripting Skills As Well But Have Never Applied Them, Since College Ive Managed To Find My Way Into The Networking Realm A Bit While I May Not Have Networked Huge Databases Although I Am Familiar With The Concepts Along With RAID Basically I Never Stop Developing These Skills And Its All Selft Taught Ive Been Called A "Computer Guru" In My Small HomeTown Of Dorris,CA
Relevant Education / Credentials
Self Taught Few College Courses
Years Experience: 15


Category: Computers / IT
Efficient And Accurate Typer, Capable Of Typing In Excess Of 80 Word Per Minute Equivalent To About 24,000 Keystrokes Per Hour, Which I Believe Is Accurate If Not More Depending On Project Been Typing Since 5th Grade And Developed This Speed Fully In 7th Grade
Relevant Education / Credentials
High School Diploma Certificate Written Proof From Interface College
Years Experience: 15

Video Game Analyst

Category: Video Gaming
Attended Westwood College Online For About One Year, Understand Basic Principals Of Storytelling,Sound Design, Graphic Design, Scripting,Gameplay Dynamics,Environments, Started Playing When I Was About 6 I Would Say Started On Nintendo Entertainment System Never Quit Playing Games Since
Relevant Education / Credentials
Few Courses At Westwood College Online
Years Experience: 1