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Hello, My name is Shawn Gough. I am 17 years of age and currently a senior in a Trade High School. I am attending that school for the Plumbing trade but computers is something i have pursued since about 12 years of age.

I have a Loving girlfriend, a truck, a Plumbing job during the shop weeks of school. I recently recieved my Apprentice license and OSHA Certification in the mail for plumbing. I am on my way to a hard working life in the real world.

When i once thought work was to much, I cant get enough of it now. I am looking to Repair, Build, and troubleshoot computers a part time job. So if your in need of Computer help, Come to me.

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Computer Repair/Building/TroubleShooting Dudley, MA
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Road Biking, Paintball, Lifting Weights, Jogging,Working,Sports. Being outside, Making money.
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I currently attend BayPath Regional Vocational Technical High School for Plumbing trade. I have worked for a plumber since i was 14 years of age and looking to pursue it further.

I also have experience in washing dishes, Something im not proud of but we all have to start somewhere right?

My real love is with computers, I have loved them since the day i started using them. I have been involved with pc's since i was about 12 years old and continue to follow it, Gaining skill and knowledge in the field. I look to learn more as the years continue.
Senior Year in Baypath Regional Vocational Technical High School. Almost done, 8 more months. 4 Years of experience and about 1500 hours of plumbing experience in just school alone, Not including the real world.
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Registered in Massachusetts Plumbing Licensure database. Registered in OSHA Safety Database.
Shawn Gough is located in Dudley, MA and has the following skills: Computer Repair/Building/TroubleShooting
Computers / IT, Skilled Trade / Crafts
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Computer Repair/Building/TroubleShooting

Category: Computers / IT
If your computer is running slow,sluggish, just not like it used to its possible that you recieved a virus,trojan,backdoor or you just have useless programs and ads installed on your computer that are not helping the health of it. Keep in mind that viruses can be serious, trojans and backdoors can even sometimes able someone to get ahold valuable info you may have.

I hear all the time, Cant you my info and wipe it out? YES. I can. I am offering to do a full reformat(wipeout) of your computer, saving your data first, and even recovering lost files if needed. Then I will install a Fresh, New Fast running operating system.

My requirements i have are. ANY software installed on your pc by me(Windows,Linux,Accessory programs,etc.) MUST be provided by you. And only you due to legal purposes.

Also, If you have any printers,Scanners,VOIP,or anything that connects to the computer that requires drivers i will install provided that you give me the software. What i shoot for is for you to be able to go home, Plug in your computer and have it running flawlessly. And if there are any complications, Call me and i will walk you through it. If it can not be resolved i will Repair no extra charge.

Total computer reformat/Save data and Install fresh O/S-$65

Install any parts bought by you to better/fix your computer-$25

A basic look over of your computer to find out whats wrong-$20

My prices are very reasonable and my services are quick and reliable.

Contact me at Or by Phone at 774-200-5848.

Im located in DUDLEY, MASSACHUSETTS. Computers must be delivered to me, I will not pick up or deliver, Sorry..
Relevant Education / Credentials
No actual Computer Schooling done. Just learned from the best.
Years Experience: 5