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Computer Recycling

Category: Computers / IT
Burg Electronic Recovery would like to inform you of our service aimed to help companies dispose of obsolete electronic/computer equipment in the most efficient way. Laws are constantly passed limiting the ways that the public can dispose of electronic waste; and with each new law comes new expenses to companies.

We specialize in the following types of electronics:

* Computers, controllers & servers
* Monitors/Displays
* Telecommunications equipment & telecom components
* Networking equipment
* Hard drives, tape drives, other storage media
* Chips and circuit cards
* Computer room equipment
* Point of Sale hardware
* Medical Equipment
* Other office equipment

At Burg Electronic Recovery we understand the importance of security and privacy to a company in today’s marketplace. Therefore, we take every precaution to insure that all data is properly destroyed, and a Certificate of Destruction is provided. These services are performed by experienced professionals so you may rest assure that none of your company’s information will be compromised.

By providing fast, cordial service we continue to give our clients what they require on a daily basis. Whether your needs are immediate or in the distant future, Burg Electronic Recovery can satisfy your surplus technology needs. Regardless of the age of your equipment we are interested in the opportunity to evaluate it for you free of charge. We will work with your company in any manner in which you are comfortable.

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