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I have 12 years of experience with Computer Installation/Repair/Upgrade skills in Benton, AR. I also have 6 years of experience with Web Design skills, 3 years of experience with Visual Design skills all of which I also do in the Benton, AR area.
My education and credentials include Hands on experience, as well as college courses related to the subject..

Profile Summary:
Computer Installation/Repair/Upgrade Benton, AR
Web Design Benton, AR
Visual Design Benton, AR
My Skills

Computer Installation/Repair/Upgrade

Category: Computers / IT
Many years of first hand experience upgrading, repairing, and installing computers for schools, small businesses, and even more home computer owners. I've never had a dissatisfied client, from charge to quality.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Hands on experience, as well as college courses related to the subject.
Years Experience: 12

Web Design

Category: Internet / Web
More than capable of designing and creating many manner of websites, whether for personal or professional use.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2 college courses related to website construction Personal/hands-on experience
Years Experience: 6

Visual Design

Category: Media
Experience in logo creation, business card design, newspaper and magazine layout and design, and other formats meant for print or digital display.

Addional work includes 3D animation, Flash video creation, and live video editing, capture, and post-production.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication
Years Experience: 3