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Marc L Soucy

I've been learning about music--both in a formal and an informal sense--since I was three years old, when I started piano lessons. When I was thirteen, I discovered rock and blues, and continued on my journey.Later would come some exposure to jazz and other styles, including progressive rock and techno-pop. Personal computers and midi opened up a new direction for me, and I dove in with total enthusiasm. I started part time projects and became somewhat obsessed with midi and synthesizer programming, doing it as much as I possibly could, working around my job and whatever band I might be playing in. In 1997, I jumped out of the regular work world, and started my own production company. I've been doing music and audio content full time ever since.

Profile Summary:
composer and songwriter Milton Village, MA
producer Milton Village, MA
Arranger, programmer, engineer, keyboardist Milton Village, MA
voice over talent and producer Milton Village, MA
More About Me
Work Experience:
Pretty extensive. Will provide a resume upon request.
Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, double major
Organizations / Affilations:
ASCAP member since 1995 (both creative and publishing memberships)
NARAS ("Grammys") member
Marc L Soucy is located in Milton Village, MA and has the following skills: composer and songwriter, producer, Arranger, programmer, engineer, keyboardist, voice over talent and producer
Music, Acting / Drama
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My Skills

composer and songwriter

Category: Music
Custom or existing music in a variety of styles, produced with visual media and digital music media in mind. Support of specific ideas, whether lyrics, storyline, or emotional impact, is my specialty.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Sixteen years private piano and music theory lessons, in classical, jazz, adult contemporary, pop Young American Composer's Award Cine Golden Eagle Film and Video Competition Award (shared honor)
Years Experience: 26


Category: Music
The word "producer" has two major meanings: 1. The person who guides and manages all facets of the creation of a musical project or product. That person may hire others to do all of the actual work. His or her word is usually final, however. 2. The person who arranges and programs the musical component of mostly electronic music styles, like hip hop, techno, modern pop, modern r&b, etc...
I often function as either or both of these. I am happy serving in either role, and am very good about playing the role I should in any given situation. The focus, though is always on the goal of the client/artist
Relevant Education / Credentials
Audio Engineering Master Class Internships at several recording studios Private musical training, listed above University of Massachusetts classes Over 100 recorded works
Years Experience: 12

Arranger, programmer, engineer, keyboardist

Category: Music
Extensive musical and audio skills, learned over time, and from mentors, books, instructional videos, and a lot of hands on experience. Combining various skills to help a project reach its potential is a big passion of mine, and has remained a big part of what I do, whether I am acting as the producer or not. I have a lot of experience playing these roles under the direction of other producers, and also have taken the reigns many times as well.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Private music instruction, listed above Many music programming tutorials and seminars, from equipment manufacturers and music retail department training
Years Experience: 21

voice over talent and producer

Category: Acting / Drama
Voiceover work is part acting, and part interpretation of message. Knowing the topic, or at least having a strong command of the language and many word usages helps in that regard. I have done voice over work for commercial endeavors, and continue to build my resume in this area.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Such a Voice Master Class
Years Experience: 1