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My stage name is Crazy Craig but my real name is Craig Wise. I'm 23 and live near Toledo Ohio. I perform anywhere up to 200 miles from Toledo, or unless the pay is really worth it.

I love to perform my skills in juggling, unicycle, balancing objects, and balloon twisting mostly because it thrills me to inspire others to reach new limits and show how humans have unlimited potential to achieve unbelievable things if there is passion and practice for the desired goal.

Performing all over the county, I enjoy meeting many different people and sharing my talents with others.

My favorite quote is: "You go to sleep at night knowing that your talents and abilities were used in a way in the service of others." -Marianne Williamson

Profile Summary:
Comedy Juggling Perrysburg, OH
Unicyclist Perrysburg, OH
Balloon Twisting Creations Perrysburg, OH
Actor Perrysburg, OH
Balancing Perrysburg, OH
More About Me
Juggling, unicycle, balloon twisting, balancing objects, trombone, acting, theatre, movies, running, joggling, (running while juggling)
balloon artists
Work Experience:
Lake Compouce Amusement Park Summers 2003-2005. Entertainer, costume character, magician's assistant, juggler unicyclist, balloon twister, stilt walker.

Eastern Connecticut State University Admissions Office. 2007-2009 Office Assistant and tour guide.

Cracker Barrel 2010 Host and soon to be server.
Southington High School Class of 2005
Eastern Connecticut State University December 2009 (BA) Theatre
Organizations / Affilations:
Craig Wise is located in Perrysburg, OH and has the following skills: Comedy Juggling, Unicyclist, Balloon Twisting Creations, Actor, Balancing
Art / Creative, Talent, Acting / Drama
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My Skills

Comedy Juggling

Category: Talent
Crazy Craig will Astound you with juggling 3,4,5 objects, from balls, to clubs, machetes, and even touches,his fast paced variety show is great for all ages that will keep all on the edge of their seat!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Entertainer at Lake Compouce Amusement Park in Bristol, CT for 3 years, juggling for the guests throughout the park. Performed for birthday parties, daycares, parades, senior centers, corporate picnics, and other venues for the last 6 years throughout the country.
Years Experience: 6


Category: Talent
Crazy Craig can ride with no handle bars, no handle bars, no handle bars. Riding uphill and down, backwards or forwards, hopping, and unicycle juggling, Crazy Craig will amaze your guests with his extraordinary unicycle skills!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Lake Compouce Amusement park Bristol, CT, unicyclist around the theme park for 3 years. Performed on the unicycle for a number of parades including: UCONN, Bristol/Forestville, Southington, and Killingly Parades in 2006-2009
Years Experience: 6

Balloon Twisting Creations

Category: Art / Creative
Crazy Craig is doin' the Twist! He makes almost EVERYTHING out of balloons that your mind can fathom! He says it best like this: Hats, dogs, swords, cats, elephants, giraffes, teddy bears, flowers, monkeys in palm trees, Hearts, ladybugs, turtles, motorcycles, penguins and everything in between!
Relevant Education / Credentials
The best way to get good at something is 1. to have someone who knows how to do it well teach you, 2. have the passion to practice until one reaches the potiential required, 3. When you have a line of 30 kids screaming with excitement for a "bicycle, Clown" one learns how to make balloon animals with quick dexterity and masters the skills needed to satisfy the needs of all.
Years Experience: 6


Category: Acting / Drama
/'ækt??/ Show Spelled[ak-ting] Show IPA
serving temporarily, esp. as a substitute during another's absence; not permanent; temporary: the acting mayor.
designed, adapted, or suitable for stage performance.
provided with detailed stage directions for the performer: an acting version of a play.
the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc.
Relevant Education / Credentials
(BA) Theatre 4 years at Eastern Connecticut State University. Perform 9 plays at college level at ECSU and continues to be an inspiring actor in the near future.
Years Experience: 10


Category: Talent
Put in on your face! Crazy Craig puts lots of things on his face, well, balances things on his chin and nose and puts his hands in his pockets as the object floats in the air. Want to see a Lazy Boy balanced on his face with his hands in his pockets? What about your full-size grocery metal shopping cart balanced on his chin with his hands in his pockets? Better yet, people have been superly impressed with Crazy Craigs ability to take folding chairs and intertwine them with other folding chairs and when he amasses 12 connected in a web, he places it on his chin and stands on one foot and drops his hands to his sides! Crazy stuff. . .He's Crazy Craig!
Relevant Education / Credentials
It doesn't take an education to balance a couch on your face, it takes skillz yo! Crazy Craig started balancing things on his chin as soon as he started having trouble balancing his checkbook, he needed some practice. Ever since he has been working at the Amusement park from 2003-2005 and then his private shows 2004-2010, he has put everything and anything you can think of on his chin. Crazy stuff.
Years Experience: 6