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I am a colon therapist, massage therapist and esthetician. I am an active networker, single mom and retired from the post office and National Guard. I attempt to avoid negative people places and things to enjoy my life. I am a loyal friend and try to help others. It just feels good to do a good deed. I don't smoke, drink much or go out anymore.

Profile Summary:
Colon Therapist Tucson, AZ
School Age Sick Day Special Needs/ Evening Care Tucson, AZ
My Skills

Colon Therapist

Category: Therapy
A professional assisted service for those who seriously want to take charge of their health. Expect to feel flatter and lighter in about an hour. Basically, a glorified enema. An enema is like washing your face, a colema like washing your head and a colonic like taking a whole shower, It's that much better.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Colon Therapist Licensed Massage Therapist Licensed Esthetician
Years Experience: 10

School Age Sick Day Special Needs/ Evening Care

Category: Services
Occasional care for sick kids so you don't have to take off work. Very local area. Experience with oxygen and feeding tubes, after 8pm care intermittent too. Near Tucson National Omni Resort in Tucson, AZ I work from home and could use some supplementation. I have a 10 year old son of my own. Non smoker or drinker. Holistic minded.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Child Care Assistant in Vocational School with teaching certificate in 1976. Had a child with heart disease, mother of a 10 year old. Holistic minded.
Years Experience: 12