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I moved to Charleston, SC in 1987 from Fort Worth, Texas and immediately went to work as an EMT. In 1992, I began taking classes at Trident Tech, graduated and entered Charleston Southern University in 1994. I graduated CSU with a Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Justice and went to work for SCDC. I took the offer with Charleston County in 2002 and was offered a great deal more for taking over the collections and recovery department for Auto Vision. I was so successful at it that I am starting my own recovery company and now I work as an independent contractor. My clients pay nothing until I locate their items with the exception of a small $25 fee for processing of certified repo letters. I also do some short term legal work and research as well as investigaton for lawyers. In my spare time I love decorating and sculpting cakes so I occasionally take orders for cakes that the stores won't do. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Collections/Recovery/Skip Tracing Auto Loans Charleston, SC
All Occasion Cakes/Sculpted Confections Charleston, SC
Investigator Charleston, SC
My Skills

Collections/Recovery/Skip Tracing Auto Loans

Category: Automobiles
Please call me for all of your auto recovery needs. I am an experienced and proven SKIP Tracer as well as very adept at negotiating the return of vehicles which are severely over due.

I have a small staff and a very manageable plan for recovery that works! From 2005 through 2008 I personally recovered over 300 vehicles in state and out of state and I have developed contacts throughout the US to locate and return vehicles at the lowest possible price.

I also process vehicles that have been abandoned. Call me at your convenience to discuss how I may help you with your collection accounts.

The following is an example of the time frame and costs associated with a typical in-town case file:

1. I pick up the title, copies of reference sheets, repo letter and contract.
2. If there is no repo letter "green card"...I take a deposit of $25 per vehicle/item to open the file.
3. I attempt immedicately to make contact with the client...without tipping them off about the collection effort.
4. I make personal contact with the target and confirm the VIN number/Serial numbers.
5. Once I have confirmed that the item/vehicle is my target...I will contact you to find out what my parameters are...whether or not I am autorized to take payment, sign promissory note or you just want the vehicle back.
6. If you just want the vehicle...I will not talk with the target...I just get the item, inventory the contents and notify the authorities within 4 hours.
7. If you are willing to take payment...I will take payment, write a receipt, confirm insurance and take a photo of the item. The client would then sign a promissory note to get the payments up to date by a date set by you.
8. If the target makes cash payment...I will deduct the percentage we negotiate and cut you a check for the difference.
9. If I recover the vehicle...I will store it until I've recieved payment from you and deliver immediately.
10. I will follow up on the promissory note to see if payment
Relevant Education / Credentials
Bachelors Degree: Criminal Justice
Years Experience: 5

All Occasion Cakes/Sculpted Confections

Category: Cooking / Culinary
I have over 20 years of experience making cakes of any size, any design, and any event. I specialize in wedding cakes, cut outs and exotic bachelor event cakes. Call me at your earliest convenience and I will get to work on a cake to make your event truly special.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Taught cake decoration at Trident Tech for over four years, worked for Cakes and Crafts on Dorchester Rd for 14 years.
Years Experience: 23


Category: Legal / Law
I work part time for lawyers gathering information that they either don't have the time to collect or they don't have the staff to handle. I've done work in the past tapping client phones, tracking cheaters, interviewing paramours and photographing accident scenes.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Years Experience: 10