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I have 1 year of experience with Coaching skills in Portland, OR. I also have 12 years of experience with Idea Generating skills.
My education and credentials include CEG, CPE.

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Coaching Portland, OR
Idea Generating Portland, OR
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Category: Training
Coaching is a safe, confidential, fun and powerful and effective way of tapping into your potential so that you or your organization can operate successfully from the inside out. I equip you to connect with your own insights, flip losses into wins and follow through on actions that flow from those insights, in alignment with your ultimate vision, values and goals. Together, we'll collaborate to help you enjoy ultimate success from the inside out.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1

Idea Generating

Category: Consulting
Connecting around what you are trying to accomplish, I can help you discover new approaches to old problems, create solutions, develop innovative ideas and find powerful ways of articulating big-picture goals and ideas to enable you to realize your ultimate vision, even if you haven't figured out exactly how to describe it up til now.
Relevant Education / Credentials
CEG, CPE, Curriculum Development background
Years Experience: 12