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“LaSara FireFox is a genius! You couldn't ask for a better guide to take you on this emboldening adventure”.
- Ariel Gore, author of The Hip Mama Survival Guide, The Mother Trip, and more.

LaSara FireFox, MPT-NLP, is a master practitioner/trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Patterning, life coach, educator, and professional speaker. LaSara helps her clients to find balance in their lives, and alignment with their personal and family-held values.

In addition, she is a mother of two, a successful author (Sexy Witch - Llewellyn, 2005), and founder and CEO of two companies; the Ecstatic Presence Project and Global Family Awakening: an educational, peace and humanitarian family adventure club. She teaches and coaches internationally.

LaSara's first book, Sexy Witch, was published in English and internationally distributed in 2005, has been reviewed in twelve languages (at last count), and will soon be available in three additional languages. Her next book, Yoga Mama, is due out in 2009.

Profile Summary:
Coaching; Neuro-Linguistic Programming Ukiah, CA
Internet Presence Development and Redefinition Ukiah, CA
Phone Coaching Business Mentor Ukiah, CA
More About Me
Work Experience:
* Published author - Sexy Witch, self-help, Llewellyn Worldwide, 9.2005. My next book, Yoga Mama, is expected out in 2009.
* Successful Entrepreneur for ten years.I work in coaching, public speaking, education and writing.
* All that, and I'm a mom of two! My kids are eleven and eight years old.
* NLP Trainer Certification, with Richard Bandler
* NLP Master Practitioner Certification, with Hawk Ridge Institute/Phil Farber
* NLP Practitioner Certification, with NLP California/Tim Hallbom
* Reiki I, with Reiki Master Terrie Wolfe-Lee
Organizations / Affilations:
* Healer's Lounge, Robert Allen and Al Polito
* Pure NLP, Richard Bandler and John LaValle
* Hawk Ridge Insitute, Phil Farber
LaSara Firefox is located in Ukiah, CA and has the following skills: Coaching; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Internet Presence Development and Redefinition, Phone Coaching Business Mentor
Religious / Spiritual, Media, Consulting, Writing / Journalism, Relationships, Internet / Web, Government / Politics
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My Skills

Coaching; Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Category: Consulting
NLP delivers rapid and lasting change. Ready to revolutionize your life? Contact me today.
Relevant Education / Credentials
* NLP Trainer Certification, with Richard Bandler * NLP Master Practitioner Certification, with Hawk Ridge Institute/Phil Farber * NLP Practitioner Certification, with NLP California/Tim Hallbom
Years Experience: 8

Internet Presence Development and Redefinition

Category: Consulting
Are you ready to have a more profound internet presence for your entrepreneurial endeavor? Let me help you get established.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have my own thriving internet-based coaching company. Learn from someone who's done it!
Years Experience: 3

Phone Coaching Business Mentor

Category: Consulting
Six Reasons to Build a Phone Coaching Business
by LaSara Firefox,

The benefits of transition your face-to-face practice to a phone-based model are numerous. Here are six reasons to begin that transition today.

1. Geography; you can be anywhere, and serve clients all over the world.

2. Mobility; you can travel, and still be available to your clients.

3. Save time and money; fewer hours traveling means less money spent on gas and fewer hours lost in your work day. And, your clients don't need to travel to you either, so you're saving your clients time and money, too.

4. Reduce your carbon footprint; if you drive 60 miles a day (a low-average for most Americans just to work and back), five days a week, and your car gets 25 miles to the gallon, you are producing 11,290 pounds of carbon a year.

5. You can work from home; how great would it be to be there when your kids get home from school? I can tell you it's great. I build in a break at 3:20 on my "kid days", so that when my girls get off the bus I can give (and get) hugs, hear about the school day, hang out for a few, share a snack, and set the monkeys up with activities before I dive back in to my work.

6. Flexibility of scheduling; you can choose what hours you want to be on the phone, and work it around your life. As opposed to an office environment, you have the flexibility to easily accommodate clients in other time zones or with non-standard work hours. And, you can shape your coaching hours around your own needs, too. (Like to go for a run after coffee, but before the heat of the day sets in? Me too! I build my schedule to support my self-care routine.)
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am a successful coach, and I perform over 98% of my coaching hours on the phone.
Years Experience: 3