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I was raised in the country helping my parents build their home out of pocket from age 14-18. I rode horses everday and desired becoming a physical therapist since 14. I found myself helping chronic pain sufferers and that has lead my career into multiple trainings that remove obstacles in people's way from healing to truly be healthy.

Profile Summary:
Chronic Pain Specialist Seattle, WA
Voice Dialogue Facilitator Seattle, WA
Raw Food Interest Seattle, WA
Continuum Teacher, non certified just teach for sk Seattle, WA
The Wave, Dance Seattle, WA
More About Me
Raw food recipes, sewing quilts, walking, cat play, dancing, learning energy systems.
Work Experience:
23 years with Chronic Pain Sufferers, sometimes 14 hours a day, I love it. I am currently working on some secret projects so in one year they will be here. I love to detect what is blocking people from being healthy.
Bachelors of Science, P.T.; Hellerworker; Continuum Practitioner/Teacher;Voice Dialogue Facilitator;Writing a book on the Journey of the King.
Organizations / Affilations:
Suzanne Jennings is located in Seattle, WA and has the following skills: Chronic Pain Specialist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Raw Food Interest, Continuum Teacher, non certified just teach for sk, The Wave, Dance
Therapy, Dance , Cooking / Culinary, Relationships, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Chronic Pain Specialist

Category: Therapy
The chronic pain sufferer needs a whole systems approach. There a two things to check if there is anything in the bloodstream or if there is a head trauma that has gone untreated.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Nutritional Training with Dr. Bob Marshall since 1999, as Quantum Reflex Analysis, Physical Therapy Bachelors Degree, Hyperbaric Oxygen Technician (4 trainings), Detoxification procedures..
Years Experience: 21

Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Category: Relationships
Bonding patterns can make a relationship stay in a loop and creativity is lost in the fast reactions of "hijacking" subpersonalities. Somebody has to stop the 'merry-go-round' and King Training...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Level III Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Writing a book on "how to build a King"
Years Experience: 21

Raw Food Interest

Category: Cooking / Culinary
I like to hide super food ingredients in favorite food recipes. I enjoy making a food that is exotic, tasty, and healthy. Currently, I am working on the thyroid diet, having perfected the Brain diet.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I have constantly studied nutrition/health since I was a teenager, so 30 years later it is my life.
Years Experience: 30

Continuum Teacher, non certified just teach for sk

Category: Health / Fitness
6 sessions and you will gain the skill to me liquid intelligent. Each session takes 2 hours, and it is for some and not others. It is sensual and without a rigid form or instruction, it is a discovery process.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Continuum Courses since 1996. Physical Therapy for 21 years
Years Experience: 23

The Wave, Dance

Category: Dance
The Urban Shaman, taking an emotion and moving into five rhythms, no talk therapy, if you are stuck in one rhythm and one emotion you can experience more than of yourself with a movement expression.
Relevant Education / Credentials
7 years of Gabrielle Roth Trainings, dancing everyday for three hours..
Years Experience: 7