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The Best Way to Learn Chinese Language: Free Language Exchange

I am Raymond Chen, a Chinese Language professor teaching in Manhattan. For years, I have been pairing up my American students with Chinese partners. I found this is a very effective way for the both ends to make amazing progress! Since the place, time, method, book and frequency are all flexible; as a plus, they pay no money! This makes more sense in this recession time. Also, you can think about it: you attend a 20-student class, you pay high tuition, and you can share maybe only 2 minutes to open your mouth, but by this way, you have 50% time to do whatever you need to do. In the other 50% time, as a return, you teach him/her English.

Since participants from both sides are flushing in, I have begun to organize this activity in a large scope. Now I am running it as a club. Currently, we need more native English speakers living in NYC to pair up with our Chinese members. Request: 1, native English speakers; 2, have real and strong willingness to learn Chinese; 3, bear no unlawful intentions to utilize the exchange relationship.

If you join now, it is totally free for you. We charge low amount annual fee from Chinese members, cos for now number of Chinese members are higher than American ones. We need to match, so please grasp this chance.

Besides one on one exchange, we also have group meetings, which means we will gather more than one couple together and let them exchange their partners freely or do group talking. By that, we will set up more real language atmosphere. We also encourage partners to invite each other to experience the special days with cultural colors, for example, you can invite your partner to join your celebration on X’mas day, and he/she can invite you to go to his/her family for Chinese food and activities on Chinese New Year, or Chinese weddings, etc.

Pls e-mail me ASAP if you want to join: In the future, we may begin to charge from the Americ

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We are a NYC-based language exchange club, our members are native Chinese speakers and native English speakers. One Chinese + one American = one exchange group. Two partners teach each other Chinese/English for equal time, mutually free. Non-profit org, no membership fee. Welcome more New Yorkers to join. We introduce Chinese partners for you.
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