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I am an engaged mother of 2 children - one with special needs. I have dedicated my life to fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves. This includes but is not limited to: children both with and without special needs, parents and families that need help with the state's education system, people that need help wading through paperwork involved with any state agency and those that get baffled by our legal system and cannot afford an attorney to fight for their rights, i.e. child support, child custody, visitation, small claims court, etc.

I am the president of a national advocacy & support group called Mothers From Hell 2 ( and I coach for Special Olympics as well. The paying positions I currently hold are owner of both a small daycare and a local dart league.

My children, my pets and, of course, my fiance are my entire life. We laugh often and love strong. We are a close-knit family but not one without rules. I believe in teaching children that work is necessary and can be fun if you choose to turn it into something fun. I believe one can turn even the worst of situations into a positive learning experience.

A friend once told me that every experience holds a lesson and the tough situations have the most important lessons to learn. If you come away and haven't learned anything, go back and re-evaluate what just happened. There IS a lesson to be learned.

I've also been taught to own up to your mistakes and that shows you are a stand-up person and are not afraid of admitting that you were wrong. Remember the only way to find success is to get past the failures and put forth the best effort possible.

I refuse to dwell on the negative. I try to find the silver lining in as much as possible. I know that many have it worse than me and that The Big Man Upstairs does not serve me what I cannot handle. His tests are mighty and very much necessary to make us the peeps we are to become....Live life and love it!

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Child-Friendly Peru, IL
More About Me
People, Darts, Gardening (newfound love!), Reading & Research, Puzzles, Reality t.v. (Supernanny!, all the Bravo shows, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.), Singing, Music, MY COMPUTER!!!,, Movies... and so many more things... I love arts and crafts and often you'll find a gluey mess and lots of cut-up paper in my home! I also love rescuing cats and dogs. There's nothing like the unconditional love of a pet AND kids learn so many responsibilities and such a strong love when pets are a part of their life!!!
um... the ability to spit up
dirty diapers
play in the dirt
climb a jungle gym
laugh at Disney movies... need I say more?
Work Experience:
Customer Service (Kmart, JCPenney)

Licensing Rep (Kemper Insurance)

Daycare (babysat/raised my siblings from age 10-13yrs;almost became a nanny at the age of 18 but chose to go to college...but I still babysat here and there until I got married and moved to San Diego.)

Ohmbudsman for the U.S.S. Gary
(San Diego, Ca)

Waitress (Mike's Tap, Peru, IL)

Daycare (Peru, IL)

Dart League Owner (Illinois Valley area)

Treasurer, Mothers From Hell 2

President/Acting Treasurer, Mothers From Hell 2
Wauconda High School, fall '85- spring'89

College of Lake County, IL
'89 - '91
Organizations / Affilations:
Mothers From Hell 2
Special Olympics
Illinois Valley Dart League
Lambdiggity Originals
Allied for Equality
Equality Illinois
The Arc of Illinois
KIMBERLY MORRELL is located in Peru, IL and has the following skills: Child-Friendly
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Category: Childcare
Kids seem to like my house b/c it's a real household with a lot of love! We rescue cats and dogs and try to find homes for them to help out IVAR. My backyard is fenced in so children can run around like crazy and wear themselves out! I do like to garden so I try to have the kids help as much as possible - always at their request... they like to pick the ripe fruits and veggies!! They also like to plant the seeds...though we have run into the issue of digging too deep. So we know what to watch for next planting season! I have a sandbox, a playfort, toys all over the deck, toys in the toy cubby, movies galore, art supplies and lots of glue! We also listen to lots of music and I encourage dancing and singing as much as possible!!!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Child education in college but it was more for teaching at grade school level and I seem to side more with the child than the administration side. I don't play nice when children are shorted on what they need and deserve with education! Raised my siblings for 3yrs while my mom worked 2 jobs and 1 volunteer position. Babysat from age 10 til 18, off the books Provided Daycare from the age of 18 to the present (claimed on taxes) Excellent references upon request!!!
Years Experience: 27