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Anthony Jordan

I have 3 years of experience with CHEAP Secufity Service skills in Brightwaters, NY. I also have 5 years of experience with Handyman skills.
My education and credentials include 6 years wrestling (county) Experience in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and defensive takedown/restraints..

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CHEAP Secufity Service Brightwaters, NY
Handyman Brightwaters, NY
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CHEAP Secufity Service

Category: Services
Hi my name is Anthony, i'm 20 years old and in athletic shape, I have 6 years wrestling backround and some experience in MMA and Defensive takedown/restraints. I own ALL neccesary gear, Handcuffs, Pepper spray, Balistics vest, Uniform. I can work any hours/shifts you need, I can supply multiple personel for a VERY CHEAP PRICE, as little as $8 an hour per security person. Will work one time gigs or permanant work.
Relevant Education / Credentials
6 years wrestling (county) Experience in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and defensive takedown/restraints.
Years Experience: 3


Category: Miscellaneous
Hi im anthony, 20 years old in good shape, i can do basic landscaping, cutting, edging, hedging, weed wacker, i can help you move, or be as a handyman fix it guy.
Relevant Education / Credentials
4-5 years experience in landscaping experience in moving, lifting, handyman.
Years Experience: 5